What is the custom ROM and what is it for?

When you have an Android device, it is likely that over time it will become a bit outdated or out of date with current fashions. When this happens, the manufacturers of your mobile usually stop providing support or software updates , which has led many to want to download a custom ROM.

However, when you download one, no matter how good it may seem at first, there are often drawbacks to using it. However, before we start talking about these advantages and disadvantages, we also have to talk about what a custom ROM is for those who do not know it.

In essence, a custom ROM is an operating system that has been customized and which can be downloaded and operated from certain Android phones. This has been totally the opposite of what they call a stock ROM, which has been the base operating system that comes with every mobile device from the factory.

Therefore, and taking into account what we said at the beginning, many people sometimes choose to download a custom ROM in order to continue with a functional operating system , either due to lack of updates or having a specific experience on their mobile device.

Actually, when it comes to customROMs there is a lot to choose from, because there are some that are totally based on a stock ROM, or simply made from Android source code.

But, even in variety, all these customROMs have something in particular, and it is the lack of the infamous bloatwares, which are applications that come from the factory with the mobile and can take up a lot of unnecessary space in our memory.

On the other hand, some of these customROMs have exceptional performance , even better than the original operating systems, and have extra features that their users love, so it is no wonder that many users install one almost instantly on their new devices.

The advantages of a custom ROM

To begin with, we must mention one of the most significant advantages that custom ROMs have, and that is the support of regular updates. In general, after a couple of years, an Android device will stop receiving updates, which is a big problem if we want to continue to have a functional mobile.

Although customRoms can have the same problem, it does not happen in the same time as stockROMs, since they usually update devices up to four years after they are released and much more.

On the other hand, there is a regularity in the updates that ends up being very refreshing for many people, since there are customROMs that never become a final version, since they are always making new updates to improve the experience of the person and even correct everything kind of bugs in no time.

This is supported by the vision of the developers themselves, who do not have to respond to the requests of different people from a large company to keep them satisfied as is the case with a stock ROM.

Likewise, the performance of customROMs is usually much higher than that of stockROMs, since the developers eliminate all the bloatware and services of the manufacturer, in addition to optimizing the kernel to have better energy savings and used memory.

And, it supports the same user that he can basically change what he wants, since all customROMs are rooted as standard.

Disadvantage of a custom ROM

When we install a custom ROM , we must be aware of what we are doing with our device. Once we install one, many times we lose the original warranty of the product, not to mention that there can be errors when installed and the developers are not responsible for them.

Also, when an installation is carried out, all the data you have on your mobile is lost, so a backup is essential. And finally you can’t get Google apps , which can be a detriment for many users.


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