How to create custom Snapchat filters and geofilters

The famous Snapchat app has seen tremendous growth since its launch. Although some of his strategies or dynamics to share content were not his strong point. Something that continues to stand out from other social networks are its filters.

Well, for this reason many users have created an account on Snapchat . Here they share their own filters with the community and everyone can make use of them.

However, not everyone is clear on how to create or make custom filters and geofilters on Snapchat . Well, the application has an interface that can make the process a bit confusing. That is why in this article we are going to explain these steps so you can start creating your own filters and more original geofilters.

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  1. What are Snapchat GeoFilters?
  2. Types of GeoFilters on Snapchat?
    1. On-Demand GeoFilters
    2. Community GeoFilters
    3. How to create a GeoFilter on Snapchat?
    4. Create and upload the image to use
    5. Select the duration period
    6. Select the area where the Geofilter will be available
    7. Pay for the activation of your Geofilter
    8. Create a free Geofilter
  3. How to go about having a custom filter on Snapchat?
  4. How to create a filter on Snapchat?
    1. Create a community filter
    2. Create a frame
    3. Create lens filters
    4. Use an application to create your filter or Geofilter
      1. Canva
      2. Adobe spark
    5. Considerations for creating a filter or geofilter on Snapchat

What are Snapchat GeoFilters?

Geofilters on Snapchat have always been more exclusive than normal filters, this is because they are limited to a certain geographical area . In this way, if we get out of this area, then the filter will no longer appear.

These geofilters are used for different purposes , sometimes to promote events, other times to promote brands and offers, and more commonly to promote historical and cultural sites of a city, as well as the city itself.

Regardless of the interest you have to create the filter or geofilter , you should know that the steps are very simple, as well as that they provide a more intimate experience with spaces and events.

Types of GeoFilters on Snapchat?

The Snapchat GeoFilters typology is simple, we usually hear it as business or community filters. However, the correct thing is to denote it under the corresponding name, which are On-Demand GeoFilters and Community GeoFilters . Both have characteristics and their own applications, namely:

On-Demand GeoFilters

They are the referred business GeoFilters, this confusion of terms arises from the access and use that companies exercise on this tool. Companies can have access to the creation of GeoFilters, where they attach the logo of their brand or company, as long as they have the proper permission.

As this practice is so widespread among businesses, and users see that there is a large arena of them in some regions, it is believed that they are exclusive to business, but individuals can also have access to their creation. The use of trademarks and logos with due registration being characteristic.

Community GeoFilters

In them we see the freedom of creation that will not limit GeoFiltros to the use of a logo or registered trademark. Therefore the Community GeoFilters are a special appreciation among artists and designers; which use them to create relevance and / or preponderance of specific localities or sites.

But geography is not only an element to consider, through geolocation it is possible to design community GeoFilters for universities and institutions, in order to dynamize and harmonize the visit to these spaces from the digital point of view.

How to create a GeoFilter on Snapchat?

First, you can make the filter using the same Snapchat application , for this we go to our profile in the application, then we select in settings, followed by filters and lenses, finally in filters.

Now, creating filters through Snapchat is very basic. Well, it does not have powerful editing tools. However, it is a good option if you want a fast filter with a standard quality finish.

On the other hand, if you want a professional filter, you can use tools like Adobe Photoshop . In this way you will achieve a better result in the geofilter and filter. Well, this tool has much more advanced options so you don’t miss any details in the filter.

Once ready, you export the document in PNG format with a transparent background and a file weight of less than 300 Kb.

Create and upload the image to use

The creation process is simple, for this we resort to two edges. A previous template offered by the company can be used ; or go to the personal creation of a design adapted to the needs.

When accessing Snapchat on the web, we must bear in mind that it is unusual for the templates offered to be adapted to very specific events, however the templates are designed as a general applicability. But if you want specific detail, you can go to other means of previous editing without problems, such as Photoshop.

The design or image of the GeoFilter goes through an exhaustive review by the company , so we must bear these details in mind when creating the image.

We must include the logo of the event or company, although it is possible to place the only name of the event or activity, since there is no hierarchy between the two, and it can be either of the two.

Similarly, we must ensure that the image covers no more than 25% of the total space of the screen, either at the top or at the bottom. For this, it is preferable to use a size format with a width of 1080px ; and that corresponds in turn to a height of 1920px.

In this sense, we must ensure that the file has a weight of less than 300KB . We must also save the file with a translucent background, in the form of a “.PNG”

We must also bear in mind the Snapchat rules for sending this kind of item. Within them, it is highlighted that elements with logos or brands should not be sent, without being the owner or having the due permission of the owner company or association.

But other relevant elements are added when creating and uploading the image to use. It cannot be an image that incites hatred, violence or promotes the use of weapons or war; as well as elements referring to nudity or obscenities.

Annexed to the above, any image that contains personal content will be rejected , it includes personal data or social platforms. As well as elements that encourage the download of files ; URL, emails and contact numbers, will also be grounds for rejection for the final approval of the image.

It will also be subject to the analysis of social conflict , that is, to debate whether the image is offensive to a community, town or group of people. It will also be grounds for rejection, so it should be avoided.

Select the duration period

This will depend on the time interval that the event lasts . If it is a one-off event, it is advisable to add an extra 2 or 3 hours before or after, or both, at the scheduled time of the event; So if an event will last 8 hours, let’s add two preliminary ones for preparation, and about 3 later ones for postponement to generate relevance and continuity.

On the other hand, the maximum duration range will be 30 continuous days . But it can happen the case that the event is carried out repeatedly in a longer period of time, for this it is possible to request a long-term GeoFilter, which otherwise generates a discount for the applicant.

 Select the area where the Geofilter will be available

It is important that we have the foresight to add an extra surrounding space to the desired one . Since some teams have a less specialized margin of detail and location; and it may happen that some teams do not have access to the GeoFilter, despite being in the correct zone, but their team shows that it is a couple of blocks away.

Pay for the activation of your Geofilter

This is the part that separates both interests. Well, the first thing is about the payment you must make for the filter or geofilter. This will only apply if your filter includes content that promotes a for-profit brand, person, or event. On the contrary, the filter will be free of costs.

In addition, if it is a geofilter, its cost also varies depending on the area it occupies and the time it is intended to leave available.

To load a filter, it is necessary to return to the Snapchat settings, then to filters and lenses, now we click on filters and finally on loading filters or geofilters depending on the purpose.

If it is a filter, we just have to load the file, and add a name. While if it is a geofilter, we must select the area of ​​the map where it will be available and the duration time.

Payment is made after loading the filters, remember that Snapchat checks the filters before being published in case you want to create a filter promoting a figure and want to publish it for free.

Create a free Geofilter

This is possible thanks to community filters or geofilters. Snapchat promotes creativity and the attachment of symbolic elements to everyday life among its users; by using these elements. All users have access to this option. So when the image is created, and the filter is approved, it will be available to the public.

The free GeoFilters have, in addition to the peculiarity of being open to all public, the negative element of the amount against; In other words, as this option is free, there are hundreds and hundreds of filters to be considered, from which not all of them can be approved , for feasibility reasons.

How to go about having a custom filter on Snapchat?

Filter customization can be from editing the templates available at “”; or the particular design available from the same platform. However, you can go to other platforms such as Lens Studio or related, to edit the filters at will.

It is also possible to have a free custom filter , but in the form of a community filter. The detail is that they must be subject to all the provisions and limitations of security, integrity and respect established by Snapchat.

How to create a filter on Snapchat?

The first thing we must do is enter ‘’, within the interface at the top we will see a sequence of sections. We are going to address the one entitled “Filters and Lenses” ; Within it we will see a series of options that allow us to create a filter on Snapchat, adjusting to our needs and desires, we are going to address them separately.

 Create a community filter

Once inside the Snapchat page, we can go to the community filter segment. It is in the first order among the sequence of options in the ‘Filter and Lenses’ section; in which we can create or design for free , a filter for an event or moment that we consider relevant, as well as for a special place.

We must remember that the use of community filters does not cover ephemeral and / or private or limited access eventualities , that is, it is not a filter of intimate applicability, for this we resort to temporary filters. However, community filters have the creator’s stamp of creativity which makes them their own, but in turn they will be widely used.

 Create a frame

Within the same segment, in the ‘Filters and Lenses’ section of the Snapchat page, we will find the ‘Filters ‘ line; in it we can create a frame. This frame has the possibility that your friends can add it to their Snaps. However, access to this section may not be available for some locations.

Create lens filters

Following the path of the previous titles, we come to the ‘Lenses’ section, entering it we can come across the details that allow us to access the augmented reality designs. The possibilities are unlimited within the creation of these elements. At the same time, it is possible to use internal tools and access prefabricated materials, which shortens the creation time and maximizes the experience.

The use of JavaScript is possible, although the interface also facilitates the applicability of elements that do not need codes, such as the Behavior helper or, failing that, the Script Graph Editor. In addition to augmented reality scaling within Snapchat, using Landmarker tracking or segmentation.

 Use an application to create your filter or Geofilter

In addition to the internal tools present in the interface, it is possible to access other means such as specialized design applications, whose interface favors and enables the creation of a filter or GeoFilter.


The first thing we need to do is log into the Canva account; or, failing that, register. We will go to the home page, we will choose the preferred one from the Snapchat filter typology ; choosing it will display a new or pop-up page in the editor. Now we must opt ​​for a template, this being the one that best suits our needs and / or desires.

At this point we can customize the filter at will, exploring the functions and appending all the elements that we consider pertinent. Now, at the end, we must save the file in the form of PNG or JPG . Now we can upload the file to the Snapchat platform and wait for its approval.

Adobe spark

Save the same process as the previous section, we only have to access our account or, failing that, register. Applying the series of previous templates we can redesign them to our liking and make our filter a unique element.

Now we must bear in mind that one of Snapchat’s insurmountable regulations is size, for this the Adobe Spark interface helps us to change the size in an automated way, adjusting to the demands of each platform, in this case Snapchat. For this we only duplicate the project; now we click on change size and choose the destination platform.

Once the design process is finished, we must save the file, for this we must do it in the form of a translucent PNG , or transparent, now it is possible to upload it to the Snapchat platform and wait for its approval.

Considerations for creating a filter or geofilter on Snapchat

  • First of all, remember to create an attractive designthat the public feels identified with. Otherwise, go unnoticed.
  • You must respect the dimensions establishedfor the image, because if they are exceeded, you will not be able to load the filter later.
  • Leave space for the photo. A minimalist filter is always the best option so that people can show off their photos while using your filter.
  • You cannot put anything in your filter. These are subject to the community rulesand conditions of use of Snapchat. If your filter violates them, then it will be removed from the platform and your account could be suspended.
  • The filter couldn’t contain any personalaccount information, not even the Snapchat name.


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