What is soil pollution?

The soil is the third most fundamental natural resource for the development and maintenance of life on earth. However, like air and water, it is being contaminated by various actions that humanity has not reversed to stop this problem that generates serious consequences on the life of every being. Here we are going to talk to you about soil pollution, its main causes, consequences and possible solutions to this environmental problem .

What is soil pollution?

It is that contamination that the human being exerts on the earth’s surface and weakening its potential by chemical substances or compounds. That mainly affect the natural quality of this resource, biological diversity and human health. ( Read also: Types of Environmental Pollution )

What are the Causes of Soil Pollution?

The main factors and events that give rise to this socio-environmental problem are:

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  • Atomic tests
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Social, industrial, agricultural and agricultural activities.
  • Uncontrolled spills.
  • Pesticides or pesticides
  • Sewer Filtration
  • The non-disposal of urban waste.
  • Harmful Agricultural Technology
  • Weathering process of rocks with heavy materials.
  • Rupture of underground storage tanks
  • Filtration in landfills
  • Monoculture
  • Soil compaction.
  • Organic and inorganic wastes.
  • Exploitation of mining resources
  • Deforestation
  • Plastic products.
  • Forest fires
  • Oil spill.
  • Dangerous residues
  • Among many other factors that causes the natural composition of the soil to be altered.

What are the consequences of soil pollution?

The main effects are on: The environment, biodiversity, human health, natural landscape and biological processes. In addition the biogeochemical cycles, the quality of the water resource, erosion and desertification.

Additionally, the loss in potential, lack of nutrients and fertility in the lands. Unstable soils and weakening or loss of quality of life.

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What are the Solutions to Soil Pollution?

Among the main measures and actions to reduce this problem are prevention and not contaminating any natural resources. Likewise, knowledge and information for an awareness of said environmental problem and decontamination. Also the integral management of solid waste, organic farming, sustainable practices and recycling and its processes.

In addition, wastewater treatment, environmental sanitation, organic products, renewable energy and sewer maintenance are important. Also the treatment of industrial discharges, respect for the legal environmental framework and mobility, tourism and sustainable consumption.

Among many alternatives that allow achieving the objectives of sustainable development and a better quality of life.

In conclusion, soil pollution is that affectation that the human being with his unconscious activities and other natural factors reduce the productivity or richness of the earth’s surface.

The main pollutants of the soil are natural phenomena, human activities, gases, agents, metals, minerals, substances, hydrocarbons, acids, microorganisms, insecticides, materials, compounds and physical, chemical, solid, liquid and gaseous elements.

Its main effects are on the surrounding environment, living beings, ecological balance, and the quality of life of human beings.

For all the above, its main solutions are environmental education, prevention or reduction thereof, good environmental practices, sustainable development, ecological consumption and lead a responsible lifestyle with all the resources of nature.

The contamination of the soil resource; It is that anthropogenic and natural impact that has an impact on the vital functions of the earth, on biodiversity, on the health of humanity and on the sustainable development of every nation.


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