All about Air Pollution

One of the main natural resources that is being most affected and modified is the air and therefore the normal conditions of the atmosphere. This natural element is the most important after water and humanity has been in charge with its unsustainable activities of completely transforming it.

In this sense, we will treat everything related to this environmental problem such as air pollution; Its main causes, consequences and possible measures to reduce this impact on the environment.

What is air pollution?

It is that pollution or impact that human beings exert with substances, materials, particles, compounds, among other physical, solid, gaseous, chemical, toxic and natural elements that affect the natural quality of this resource, the health of people, biodiversity and the quality of the surrounding environment.

What is the Origin of Air Pollution?

This impact arises in the eighteenth century with the beginnings of the industrial revolution, the exploitation of fossil fuels, with the development or growth of factory production, transport and today it has intensified with new technologies and growth accelerated world population.

What are the Causes of Air Pollution?

Without a doubt, that there are many factors that give rise to this serious socio-environmental problem and among the main ones are:

  • Lack of information, sensitivity and awareness of this problem.
  • The actions of irresponsible and unsustainable activities of human beings.
  • Fossil fuels.
  • Primary air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and secondary ones such as sulfuric acid, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.
  • Air pollutants such as CFCs and the like, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, methane and ozone.
  • Deforestation and deforestation of trees.
  • Solid waste.
  • Forest fires.
  • Illegal minery.
  • Nonrenewable energy.
  • Factory Emissions
  • Transportation and vehicle emissions.
  • Natural phenomena
  • Other activities, social, economic, political and ecological.

What are the consequences of air pollution?

This atmospheric pollution leaves amounts of effects and among these are:

  • Ozone layer destruction.
  • Alteration of the natural greenhouse effect
  • Global warming of the planet
  • Change in weather patterns
  • Deterioration of people’s physical, mental and emotional health
  • Death of children and the elderly
  • Environmental modification
  • Natural phenomena
  • Shortage of drinking water
  • Effects on food production
  • Alteration of biogeochemical cycles
  • Ecological imbalances
  • Weakening in the quality of life

Breathing contaminated air, kills more than 7 million human beings a year and affects many more

What are the Solutions to Air Pollution?

Faced with this global environmental problem, the main measures or alternatives such as:

  • Achieve an environmental culture in the world population
  • Promote and achieve the objectives of sustainable development
  • Leave dependence on fossil fuels
  • Renewable and clean energy sources.
  • Rational use of natural resources
  • Plant trees
  • Ecological agriculture
  • Biodegradable products
  • Promote urban gardens, gardening, composting and greenhouses.
  • A planning or planning of the territory.
  • Environmental management
  • Sustainable mobility.
  • Responsible Lifestyle
  • Implement and promote the main control devices for pollution in industry or in vehicles such as electrostatic precipitators, and air filters, activated carbon, condensers, catalytic converters, exhaust gas recirculation, flow gas desulfurization and other scrubbers , incinerator columns.
  • Between quantities of actions to take care of this unique planet for a better quality of life and of future generations

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In summary, air pollution is a global problem that concerns us all as the main responsible for the alteration in the natural composition of this vital element for the continuity of life on earth.

Its main pollutants are gaseous, aerosols, chlorofluorocarbons and gases. Its effects are on the planet in general, health and quality of life. Among the most polluted countries China, United States, India, Russia and Japan.

Together, we must fight against air pollution and take sustainable measures to reverse the consequences that this environmental problem generates on the world’s population.


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