How to Reduce Air Pollution

Solutions to Air Pollution or Air Pollution

Given this environmental problem of the alteration of the atmosphere, it is necessary that humanity, as the main responsible for intensifying every day with its unsustainable activities the quality of the air resource; assume measures, actions, practices and alternatives that allow fighting and living in an environment without air pollution.

In this sense, air pollution is a responsibility of all citizens and countries of the world that must combat this type of pollution that harms human health, biodiversity, the surrounding environment and the planet in general.

Thus, before the causes and consequences that derive from this environmental problem; human beings in conjunction with governments; They are a fundamental part in the solutions that must be applied to conserve air quality and subsequently the life of future generations.

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Measures to reduce Air Pollution

Therefore, to achieve an environment without air pollution, the following measures must be promoted, promoted and activated to reduce this environmental problem:

  • The prevention, reduction and mitigation of polluting emissions
  • The will and disposition of all citizens
  • Environmental education and information
  • The planning and planning of the territory
  • Environmental management and evaluation
  • The integral management of hazardous waste and wastes
  • The conservation and rational use of natural resources
  • Take care of biodiversity, ecosystems, landscapes and natural environments.
  • Conserve the forests and lungs of the planet.
  • Promote plants that purify the air
  • Conserve marine resources.
  • The fulfillment of the objectives of Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable technology
  • Green economy
  • Responsible consumption
  • Organic agriculture
  • Organic products
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Ecological tourism
  • The culture of recycling and the use of the 3rd
  • Collectors, scrubbers and phytoremediation as the main air pollution control devices.
  • Walking, using public transport and reducing car dependence
  • The use of the bicycle
  • Leave dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Renewable, clean and alternative energies
  • Eco-efficiency
  • Sanitation and environmental hygiene
  • Energy efficiency
  • Adaptation to climate change and global warming
  • Environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Responsible Lifestyle
  • Institutional policies at global, regional, national and local levels
  • Know, respect and comply with international legislation such as the Kyoto and Montreal Protocol, Stockholm Convention, LRTAP Convention, OSPAR Convention and among many other environmental agreements.
  • Between quantities of environmental, ecological and sustainable measures or practices for a pollution-free environment.

Without contamination of the Air Resource for a healthy environment and a better quality of life

In itself, air pollution is that pollution caused mainly by the lack of culture, sensitivity and environmental awareness of humanity for the care of the environment.

Likewise, the consequences are especially on the quality or natural composition of the air, the atmosphere, ecological imbalances, effects on the most vulnerable such as children, the elderly, pregnant women, the integral health of all, biological diversity and the environment.

In summary, the solutions to prevent air pollution are the set of actions, strategies and sustainable alternatives to combat the causes and consequences that this environmental problem produces worldwide. These are mainly, from prevention, promoting environmental education, sustainable development, responsible consumption and leading a lifestyle for all natural resources.

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