What is Shazam and how does it work?

Listening to music is one of the greatest pleasures in life. In doing so, the brain reacts to sensations that can make us happy, bring up special memories, etc. But it often happens that even if we like a song a lot, we don’t remember or know its name. The app called Shazam can be useful in this case, so today we will explain how Shazam works and what other apps recognize songs.

What is Shazam and how does it work?

Shazam is a free music recognition app that is very easy to use. It was created in 1999 and since then the frustrations related to not knowing the name of a good song have disappeared.

If you have never used it, do not worry, it is very intuitive and simple, it is even perfect for the elderly, since it does not require complex processes in its operation. With this app, you will never have to search for songs by their lyrics , which can be tedious or complicated if you don’t remember them well.

But how exactly does it work? First, Shazam is in charge of listening to the music that is playing around you, it is even capable of identifying a song just by humming it.

Then, it gives you the results, in which you can find out the title of the song, the author, the lyrics and the video clip; it’s really fascinating . The app stores all the searches you do, and you can link it to your Spotify account to listen to it as many times as you want.

We explain step by step what you must do to achieve recognition of a song with Shazam:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or the Play Store and proceed to install it.
  2. Press the logo of the program with the phrase ¨Pulsa para shazamear¨ . In this way the application will be up and running.

Thanks to Shazam’s artificial intelligence, you will receive song suggestions related to your musical tastes. You can also share these discoveries with your friends through social networks.

Other music recognition apps

Shazam is one of the most famous, but it is not the only one. There are currently multiple alternatives to Shazam for recognizing songs on the market that are also easy to use. We present some free applications available for any mobile device:

  • SoundHound. To use this app, you must press the orange button and play the music or hum it, in this way you will get the recognition of it. There is a paid version with which you will enjoy more functions without advertising.
  • Musixmatch. With it you can identify the song that is playing on the radio , on television or any other source. You can also access the lyrics of the song without having to have an internet connection.
  • Genius. It has a database of more than 1.7 million songs, so it is very likely to get the data of the one you want in seconds.
  • Deezer. It is an app similar to Spotify, but it has a function called “SongCatcher” with which you can identify the songs that are playing on the radio. There is a premium version for you to enjoy its many benefits without ads, and it has the advantage that you can log into your Deezer account in Spanish.
  • WhoSampled. It is an application very similar to Shazam with which you must press and hold the screen when playing the song to identify it. It is available for Android systems for free, although in the case of iOS it is a paid application.
  • Beatfind. If you have an Android mobile device with little capacity, this app is perfect for you. It fulfills the same functions of the previous options. One of the features that can be highlighted in Beatfind is that it plays a music preview and gives you the results on YouTube, Deezer or Spotify, so you can listen to it in full. It is very simple and light.
  • Google voice search. It does not cover as much repertoire as Shazam but it is quite effective at locating some songs. For example, if the song you like is the last one by Alejandro Sanz, when you ask for it that way, it will appear to you and thus you will be able to know the title of it. You can also use the Google Sound Search song search engine , which works similar to Shazam.

Do not stop listening to your favorite music , even if you do not know or do not remember its name, it is possible to discover it thanks to Shazam and other free applications such as the ones we present in today’s article.


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