What is ROBLOX Plus?

If you are one of those who regularly play Roblox, you cannot miss this opportunity. Download ROBLOX Plus and start enjoying all the advantages offered by this extension for Google Chrome.

What is Roblox + and what is it used for?

This free extension for the Google Chrome browser adds a large number of functions to our user panel within ROBLOX. Some of the most outstanding features that you can add are:

  • Improvement in private messages: From now on you will be able to search and archive messages that you have made with your friends within ROBLOX.
  • Activate notifications: If there is any news in the articles within ROBLOX you will receive a notification. Do not miss any news!
  • Search your server: Do you want to find a friend? With this functionality you will be able to find the server where he is playing in a very simple way.
  • Integration in the forum: You can integrate into the forum some functions related to YouTube videos or put images into the ROBLOX discussion forums
  • Protect your signature: With Roblox Plus you can save your signature in each of your messages.

Other features within ROBLOX Plus

Installing this extension offers more than 50 new functions within your platform. Some of them are as interesting as:

  • Master Volume: Add master volume for full playback
  • Voice settings: You can increase or decrease the voice volume
  • Gender selection: Change the gender of your avatar’s voice (male or female)
  • Item notification: Add a sound when a new item comes out within the catalog
  • Incoming, outgoing and completed trade : You will be able to exchange objects with someone and depending on the activity each of the above options will be activated.
  • Includes: With this function you can embed videos, stickers, images and direct links from YouTube within the forum.
  • Image size: You can modify the size of the images within the forum
  • Counters: You don’t have to reload the page to know how many notifications you have.
  • Commercial currency: You can know what types of currency you exchange without updating the page.

There are many others, you can discover them within the game forums and they will be very useful to make your experience within ROBLOX much more user-friendly.

How to download Roblox +?

Downloading Roblox Plus is a very simple process. In less than a few minutes you will be able to enjoy the previous characteristics, for this you will only have to take into account the following conditions.

Roblox Plus only works on Google Chrome

This extension is typical of the Google Chrome browser , so if you want to use Roblox + with another browser, forget it! It will not work.

Roblox + is developed with WebGL3D technology

This programming technology is very common in ROBLOX so it guarantees perfect operation within the gaming platform.



Do not download another application other than this one as they may be malicious programs that seek to hack your ROBLOX account. Make sure you are using a certified Google Chrome extension at all times.

Give Add to Chrome and start enjoying the magnificent opportunities that the extension offers. Once installed in the browser, you will see the ROBLOX symbol appear in the extensions bar and in the game itself. You just have to start your ROBLOX account and enjoy all the features prepared to make your entertainment more fun. What are you waiting for?

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