How To Protect your children with ROBLOX Parental Control

The parental control ROBLOX is a tool that allows a very effective way to limit the functions that can have their children when using this practice game page.

Protect the little ones with ROBLOX Parental Control

ROBLOX is an entertainment platform that is played in many parts of the world. The same platform has the facility that other players or users can create games for other members, under a platform called Roblox Studio.

One of its greatest weaknesses is that there is no control over the contacts that children can add to the platform . This exposes our children to being contacted by adults of whom we do not know what their intentions may be.

In this sense, and to make it easier for us to better control the use of the application by our children, we must bear in mind that there is parental control within Roblox.

Is there a code or passkey for Roblox parental control?

The so-called account PIN , which is that authorizes the ability to make changes to these accounts. It needs four digits, which would be ideal not to share it with the children of the house.

If we do not create it, we are not doing anything, because the child himself can enter and undo the changes and restrictions that have been executed to date.

How to do to activate Roblox parental control?

Ideally, this role should be exercised by the parents . They must be in control of what their children can trade and play. In this sense, it is recommended to have control over the actions that are carried out and of course also privacy.

To establish these controls it is necessary to follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the application.
  • You must log in to be recognized as a user.
  • We must locate the gear that represents this icon, give it and click to later go to settings .
  • When entering this menu we must locate the Privacy tab and click on it again.
  • At this point we are presented with the adjustments that we can make in the Contact Settings options and also in Other settings.

The idea is to review these options to define the friends that our children can have on the platform . In addition to some additional options that are presented to configure the interaction that you can have.

Activating account restrictions

To activate these restrictions we only have to carry out the following steps:

  • Once we are in settings we choose the security tab and enter what is called Account Restriction
  • Here you simply have to use the Toggle button , understanding that if this button is green it is because the function is activated.

To undo this operation at any time, you must continue with the aforementioned steps and again click on Toggle so that it is deactivated.

What is the use of account restrictions in Roblox parental control?

This function goes a long way. Let’s not forget that under this platform we are in permanent contact with other players , opening the possibility of socializing and chatting with any stranger. With these restrictions we can avoid this type of communication, but additionally we can restrict the type of game that our child will use.

How this type of restriction works

In a fairly strict way, once it is activated, no other user will be able under any circumstances to send us messages , use the option to chat with the child in the game and will not even be able to locate this user by name or phone number.

What if my child manages to access other games?

It is very likely that by reference from friends the child will try to visualize or browse other games that exist on the platform , but the reality is that he will be able to see them even if they are restricted, however he will not be able to play it at all, reminding him of the platform that the Your current account restriction settings do not authorize it.

Recommendations to start my son in this game

It is recommended that if your child is very young , they should not only apply Roblox parental control, but they should be supervised and accompanied. Especially to be able to identify the type of game that are of your preference.

Let’s not forget that Roblox can mean even the child’s first contact with a social network, therefore its supervision is essential .

On the other hand, if the children are older, it would also be interesting that from time to time we can monitor this action to confirm that they use it correctly.

Prevent child abuse within Roblox

Undoubtedly, some abuses that exist within Roblox may be everyone’s responsibility , because its designers have no way to control the chat, or the communications that may exist, in this sense if you have received any message or content that you consider is not the more appropriate we recommend doing the following:


⚠️ Look at the menu that you have on your left above, next to your username there is a flag where you must click, when it asks you if it is for game or player, you simply must indicate player, from here on. What you must is indicate which is the player who committed the fault, indicating it with his exact username and the type of abuse he did to us, if you want to detail the conflict a bit, you will see that you have space in the additional details section and then you only give send. ⚠️

Finally, we must say that Roblox is such a complete game that it has even thought about taking care of the smallest of the house , having a Roblox parental control is a magnificent idea that will allow parents to be more calm, while their children are playing.

In itself, this Roblox parental control allows that through a central panel we can control the people and limits that can be had in the chat, in addition to incorporating a parental pin that guarantees that said control is exclusive to the parent or representative and a restriction function account, which as we already indicated are the ones that tell us that we can play and that we cannot.


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