What is NGL anonymous and what risks does it have?

Have you ever wondered what NGL Anonymous on Instagram is all about? This link has become a new trend in social networks. For this reason, in this article we will show you how NGL works, since it is about anonymous questions and answers in Spanish. Here we tell you everything you need to know to join the new trend of Instagram, in addition, you can make your stories longer .

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  1. What does NGL mean?
  2. How to download the NGL app?
  3. Can NGL be opened through a link or link?
  4. How to use NGL with social networks?

What does NGL mean?

NGL is an acronym for ‘not gonna lie’ , often used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate honesty in saying something. Like TBH, the meaning of NGL can change depending on the context. Since it is often used when sharing your honest opinion or expressing your feelings. In most cases, NGL is used to something without lying.

Therefore, you could use it to say: NGL, I hate sausages. In this context we talk about NGL Anonymous, the link that has gone viral on social networks. This trend allows you to give an anonymous opinion to any user of Instagram or other RRSS. Therefore, we explain what it is about.

The first thing to note is that it is used as an application to ask and answer anonymous questions. The identity of the person is not revealed, so you will not be able to know if they have formulated the doubt. It works very similarly to Ask.fm or Curious cat, but it is more dynamic, since it allows you to post answers directly on Instagram. In turn, it automatically connects to the social network.

How to download the NGL app?

You can install the NGL Anonymous App from the Play Store  or App Store for free for Android or iOS devices. Its use is also free, but it has a paid version for €8.99 per week where you can get clues from who is asking the questions. Also, it does not reveal the identity of the user, but it does give us their location.

NGL Anonymous launched in late 2021, and after a period of silence, it went very viral on Android and iOS devices . It is currently the most installed free social App in Spain and has more than 5 million downloads worldwide. Its last update was on June 30, 2022 and because it is at the top of trends it will have more versions.

NGL appears to protect the identity of users, but not their privacy. For this reason, many digital media have put a magnifying glass on the problems of using the application because they collect personal data. It has been seen that they obtain the location of underage users, who are usually the ones who use the App the most. The truth is that this is a common practice for applications, but that is not why we have to let it go.

Can NGL be opened through a link or link?

The first thing you should do is download the NG L App, which is available for iOS and Android. The same App will ask you to enter your Instagram username in order to generate a personalized link that you can copy.

Then you will have to go to the App and open the camera in order to create a story. You decide whether to take a photo or upload a background image that you already have in your gallery. You will then need to click on the ‘Label’ icon (the one with the smiley face) and select ‘Link’. There you will paste your NGL link and add it to your story. In this way you will be part of the trends that go viral on Instagram.

You can always add more text or stickers to invite your friends to click and ask anonymous questions. When an opinion understands you, a screen will appear with a box where you can enter your comment or answer to the question. In case you are in doubt, you do not need to download the NGL App to answer questions.

However, you will need to go into the app and view your ‘inbox’, and any anonymous messages sent to you will appear there. You also have an option where you can reply to the post and share a story on Instagram. In this same way you can upload stories from the web .

How to use NGL with social networks?

Now you are probably wondering how to respond to NGL Anonymous. It should be noted that the NGL profile can only be accessed through the link without going through Instagram. However, the App has gained so much popularity thanks to this social network, so you don’t need to download the app for it to work.

Still, you must access the NGL link and choose the second menu from the top that says ‘INBOX’. Here the questions are stacked in the shape of an envelope shaped like a heart. To select them you just have to click on an envelope and choose ‘Reply’. This will redirect us to Instagram Stories, where the question will be displayed and we can answer it.

On the other hand, if you want to ask another user a question, go to the NGL link that they have published in their story and from there send what you want . You may wonder, is it safe to use NGL? We know that this type of behavior can lead to negative comments, harassment and threats, among other things. According to the NGL website, artificial intelligence is used to modify content and filter out malicious and intimidating language.

It also has a button that allows you to report a specific message from your inbox, this will help you prevent the person who sent it to you from forwarding it to you again. Even so, we must also take into account the data that the application stores. In accordance with its privacy policy, downloading and registering with the App allows the collection, use and sharing of personal information, including with business partners.

In addition, it also supports the use of third party services such as email, address, phone number, social network details, your online activity and location, among others.


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