How to send anonymous WhatsApp messages without the number coming out

Do you want to play a prank on your friends? With this simple trick you will be able to send yourself anonymous messages on WhatsApp without leaving or seeing my number. Another way to send prank messages to your contacts is by sending empty messages

We have all tried to make calls by hiding the ID of our number by making our sender not see our number.

How Can I Send Anonymous Messages on WhatsApp without My Number Being Exited or Seeing?

As you know, to send messages anonymously from WhatsApp is against its privacy policies, so every time you send, your sender will be able to see the number from which you send it.

As always, we find a way to resolve any impediment to achieving our mission. Next, let’s see how to send a message by WhatsApp anonymously.

To be able to send a message on WhatsApp without my number being seen and play a funny joke on your friends, you can download it from the official Play Store or Apple Store completely free.

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  1. How to send messages by WhatsApp without my number appearing
  2. Can you send messages by WhatsApp without adding to the contact or anonymous?
  3. Use Wassame to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp
  4. Is it legal to send an anonymous WhatsApp message?

How to send messages by WhatsApp without my number appearing

You can use the TextPlus app to send messages via WhatsApp with a virtual number provided by the app.

Remember that you must first do all the steps mentioned in the previous section to achieve it. Then delete WhatsApp on your mobile and reinstall it.

When it asks you to enter a phone number, you will use the one provided by TextPlus. Verify the number with the six-digit code that was sent to you.

To do this you must open the TextPlus app and see the code in the message box. Then fill in the details of your profile. You can add a name or simply place a symbol to completely hide your identity. You can add a profile photo if you wish.

Finally you can send messages from WhatsApp anonymously and play pranks on your friends. To use your original number again, you must delete WhatsApp and reinstall it.

If a friend sends you a message and deletes it before you can see it, don’t worry, there are many applications on the net that allow you to see deleted messages

Now when you do, your senders will see at the top of the screen a number completely unknown to them.

Once you have done it you will be able to log in with your account as you normally do.

We hope that this guide to send messages on WhatsApp anonymously without my number going out or seeing has been useful to you. If you have any questions or know any other method, we invite you to share it by leaving us your comment.

Just as you have the option of sending anonymous messages, with the WhatsApp application you also have the possibility of sending self-destructing messages.

Can you send messages by WhatsApp without adding to the contact or anonymous?

You must download and install Text + or TextPlus on your mobile. Once you have it installed, you must grant it the permissions so that it can function normally. Next, you need to complete a simple registration.

You must create a username and password. Then the app will offer you a series of virtual phone numbers. You must choose a state or region to see the numbers you have available.

Then you must choose one and select it. Once you have your number, we will start using it. There are two ways to do this. One of them is from the internal instant messaging service or using the number for other apps.

TextPlus works the same way that WhatsApp or Telegram does. Its interface is simple and easy to use. The calls and messages you send are completely free and work quite well. You only need to have internet access.

Another way to do it is like a traditional phone line. Although the disadvantage of this is that at the moment it only has numbers belonging to North America so you can send text messages or make calls to those countries.

The numbers it generates work temporarily, so you have to find another number after a while.

Use Wassame to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp

Another way to send anonymous or secret messages to a certain phone number was through Wassame. This website had a very simple and comfortable operation for users, who only had to enter its website from any browser and write the message.

The address of their website was and this was in turn totally free, once inside we would be asked to fill in several boxes. These were intended for the number of the person, the country and the message that we wanted to send. Additionally, a category could be marked for the message (secret message or emergency message). After this we would be asked for a confirmation in the form of captcha and finally we would mark the green button ‘send’.

Unfortunately Wassame is no longer available to send secret messages due to the fact that this kind of message has been blocked in many countries . The rules vary from country to country, but these kinds of messages are often interpreted as dangerous.

Is it legal to send an anonymous WhatsApp message?

As we have mentioned previously, these kinds of messages can be interpreted as dangerous. Because by not having an ID , it can be used to extort or threaten other people. There are many examples of these, although in all cases there are exceptions and many of these messages have humorous or joking purposes.

This kind of anonymous messages have been widely used to play jokes between friends , but on many other occasions they have been used in a bad way. This is why many countries have banned these services and they are currently illegal. If you want to use this type of service, it is best that you exercise caution and do not download any app that is not safe.

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