Anon Inu: what is the supposed token developed by Anonymous for?

This weekend Anonymous (supposedly) announced the Anon Inu token and did so through a video. Theoretically, this token is a response to the attacks by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, on Bitcoin and for the illegalization of Bitcoin mining in China. But what is behind the Anon Inu token?

Index of contents

  • What is Anonymous
  • What is Anon Inu
  • How many tokens exist
  • What is Anon Inu for
  • Anon Inu Roadmap
    • Third quarter of 2021
    • Fourth quarter of 2021
    • First half of 2022
    • Second half of 2022
  • Is Anon Inu a hoax?
    • But are there any signs that it is a possible scam?
  • Final words on Anon Inu

What is Anonymous

It is supposedly an international movement of digital activists that is made up of an indeterminate group of people. Anonymous is an organization where , in theory, there are no leaders , all being equal. We are talking about a decentralized organization that communicates through Tor, a distributed network.

Anonymous is divided into hives, which would be small groups normally made up of members of the same country. The actions carried out by these hives are put to a vote and require the support of a large part of the members of the group.

They are also characterized by not being associated (supposedly) with any group or political ideology. All members of the organization are symbolized in the mask used in the graphic novel V for Vendetta, which has also been made into a movie with great success.

They use the motto: «Knowledge is free. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Wait for us! This slogan is used in all the videos where they claim actions, such as filtering confidential information or carrying out denial of service attacks on web pages.

What is Anon Inu

The extension and / or usefulness of the Anon Inu token is yet to be determined as it is a recently created token. Very little is known about the final usefulness of this token, although their website provides some minimal information. Perhaps the most interesting thing we know is that it is deployed in the Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain developed by the centralized exchange Binance . 

As they have explained in the video they have published on the supposed official Anonymous channel, this token is a response to the constant attacks on Bitcoin . Anonymous says it is a response to the attacks by Elon Musk , CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. It also indicates that it is a response to the insults and attacks that Bitcoin receives by institutions and to the prohibition of Bitcoin mining in China.

Within the Anon Inu website, it stands out that it is a token designed for decentralized finance (DeFi) . It is indicated that this token has the functions of manual burning, liquidity aggregation and the distribution of the tokens among the holders. And it is that as in any other token for DeFi, part of the mining commissions are distributed among those who add liquidity, in this case, those who add liquidity to the Anon Inu token.

How many tokens exist

1 billion Anon Inu tokens have been issued which can be seen in the following contract: 0x9425315fea3412fd4a0afbfb69b99d8312dc749a.

The truth is that there is little else to tell about this token, since it is a BEP-20 type Utility Token. Basically the BEP-20 tokens are the same as the ERC-20s developed for the Ethereum blockchain. They change some parameters to adapt them to Binance’s Binace Smart Chain .

What is Anon Inu for

It is very possible that you are wondering, like many others, what this token really is for. According to the developers, one of the benefits is helping animal shelters. Curiously, this is one of the properties of the Shiba Inu token (SHIB) of which a part of the commissions goes to shelters that collect Shiba Inu dogs, dogs that require special care.

Another utility, at least for now, of the Anon Inu token is the manual burning of tokens. Normally the burning is usually done automatically, burning a part of the transaction commission. In this case, it will be done manually at the discretion of the developers.

Finally, this token will serve to reward those who add liquidity in the DEX to the Anon Inu token. Those who add liquidity to this token on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap which is also on the BSC. Those who add liquidity will receive 5% of the commissions of the transactions carried out.

Anon Inu Roadmap

It is interesting, to say the least, that it has published a roadmap for the next few months . It is not very extensive, but there are some quite relevant data that we must take into account.

Third quarter of 2021

It is highlighted that for this quarter the website will have been launched, it is expected to have at least 6,000 token holders, a market capitalization of 2.5 million dollars , which will be supported by Trust Wallet and the first NFTs will be listed.

But without a doubt the most important point is the burning of 49% of the Anon Inu supply. This means that from 1 trillion tokens we would go to 510,000 million tokens. What we have with this is the generation of an artificial scarcity and therefore, an artificial price rise that would not be given by the actual use of the token (if it were used)

Fourth quarter of 2021

Here they estimate to already have at least 10,000 holders and a market capitalization of $ 5 million . They estimate that they will be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. It will be when the donations for the shelters begin and an online store will be opened where merchandising will be sold.

First half of 2022

For this period they hope to reach 20,000 holders and make a donation of 50,000 dollars (we imagine that in token format) to an animal shelter chosen by the community. A contest will be held with an aidrop valued at $ 10,000, we assume that in the native token. In addition, it will begin to collaborate with other projects.

The most interesting thing is that 90% of the remaining supply was burned , which leaves us a total of 459 million tokens available. A new artificial increase in scarcity that could lead to a sharp rise in price.

Second half of 2022

The developers hope to already have 45,000 users, collaborate with celebrities (???) and the launch of rare NFT aidrops.

This is the entire rodmap that appears on the project website as of July 19, 2021. Changes may occur after the publication of this content.

Is Anon Inu a hoax?

The answer seems simple, but the truth is that it is more difficult to answer than it seems. The reason is that Anon Inu has been developed by Anonymous, a decentralized and distributed organization. As there are, theoretically, no leaders of the organization, we cannot be sure if it is something developed by the community or simply by opportunists.

The less it is curious that the ad was on a YouTube channel that was created a few months ago and is verified. We must emphasize that the YouTube video platform represents everything that the organization detests. It is a private content platform and where there is enormous censorship. In addition, it is rare that the YouTube channel has been validated, since it requires physical proof of the channel by a person or legal entity.

But are there any signs that it is a possible scam?

The truth is that some indications in this regard do exist. We are not going to claim that it is a full-blown scam, but at least we see some indications that point to this. Everyone is free to analyze the information we publish, apply the “don’t trust, verify” rule and draw their own conclusions.

These are the data that make us think that Anon Inu from Anonymous could be a scam:

  • videohas been published on the YouTube platform that is owned by Google. According to the principles and values ​​of Anonymous, this is a huge contradiction.
  • That the Binance Smart Chainhas been chosen , the blockchain of the centralized exchange Binance also invites us to be suspicious. While we may be reluctant with Ethereum, it is not subject to a centralized corporation.
  • Creating a token in BSC makes very little sense, the normal thing would be to develop a cryptocurrency. Currently Bitcoin and Monero are the two cryptocurrencies that could best represent the values ​​of Anonymous.
  • They have established a manual burning of a large part of the tokens. It stands from 1 billion tokens to just 459 million tokens. A burning is not established that would be given by use, burning part of the commissions. This makes us think that it is a mechanism to artificially raise the priceand obtain profit.
  • A few hours after launching, there has been an abrupt drop in the price of this token. The developers attribute it to a liquidity problem of the smart contract and the smart contract of the token . This seems to indicate that the developers have little idea of ​​what they are doing. Curiously, the BEP-20 smart contracts are the simplest to create and there are many templates available. We recall that the BEP-20s are a copy adjusted to the BSC blockchain of the EIP-20s in Ethereum.
  • The developers have indicated that the drop was not due to a massive sale of tokens, but rather due to a failure in the smart contract.
  • After this alleged failure occurred, the developers left the Anon Inu Telegram group en bloc. This raises suspicions of a possible scam.
  • Subsequently , Anon Inu developers have created a new group for this token. They indicate that they will compensate token holders for this abrupt move. They assure that the thing has gotten out of hand.

Here we can see the brutal red candle that causes the price of Anon Inu to have suffered a brutal price drop

Final words on Anon Inu

A few hours ago, the Anon Inu token has been launched or at least made known to users by Anonymous. Due to certain characteristics, such as a token issued on the Binance blockchain or the announcement has been in a YouTube video, this makes us think for the worse . Both elements would contradict the pillars on which this organization of “hactivists” has developed.

We explain what the tokens are and what they are for

The motives used by Anonymus, such as Musk and China, to create Anon Inu, are weak to say the least. Really, if they supported cryptocurrencies, they would not be aware of price increases or decreases, something that those of us who have been with cryptocurrencies for a long time, we already know that it will happen and they do not affect us. The normal thing, we could say, would be to support the development of Bitcoin and perhaps develop a layer 2 element that offers really anonymity when using this cryptocurrency. What’s more, the characteristics of Monero make it closely related to the ideals of Anonymous.

Therefore, and in summary, taking into account everything we know about this token and Anonymous, we decide that this whole issue looks bad . We cannot assure it, since the only thing that can assure it is time. The data and the project website clearly point to this, someone who has seen the possibility of buying a Lambo at the expense of a decentralized, distributed and leaderless organization.

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