Is it worth investing in Fan Token

In recent years there has been a fairly pronounced increase in crypto assets based on Blockchain technology . Such is the case of Fan Token, a cryptocurrency that was created mostly by the platform . Not just as a crypto asset, but as a means of bringing fans even closer to teams.

The growing popularity of Fan Token is due to the promotion it has received from the personalities that make up the teams; as is the case with Leo Messi, who has also accepted the token as part of his payment for Paris Saint-Germain. However, even though Fan Token has generated quite a bit of interest; Similarly, there is some uncertainty about the future projection and the stability that these crypto assets may have.

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  1. What is the forecast value for the Fan Token in the future?
  2. How secure is it as a cryptocurrency?
  3. What sports entities have invested in this currency?
  4. Where to buy 100% safe Fan Token?

What is the forecast value for the Fan Token in the future?

At present, Fan Token have a value of more than 470 million Euros in the market; which represents around 550 million dollars. These data were provided, and are progressively updated, on the Fan Token Rank site ; the website specialized in the cryptocurrencies of sports entities or Fan Token.

It is estimated, considering the large number of sports organizations that have closed contracts for the acquisition of these cryptocurrencies; that the Fan Token market achieves a value of more than 8,500 million Euros . Which is equivalent to at least 10 billion dollars.

In addition, another factor that indicates that the price of the crypto asset reaches this price is the attractiveness it offers for investors. Since the interest that the public has generated for this cryptocurrency does not seem to diminish; considering that fans who have acquired these coins will be able to enjoy exclusive promotions, events and discounts from the club in question.

How secure is it as a cryptocurrency?

The stability of cryptocurrencies is not a factor that can be taken for granted; since the token market is quite volatile and is influenced by any relevant event in the digital environment. However, it is possible to affirm that Fan Token managed to consolidate quite solid foundations for the release of the currency to the market.

This is because the usefulness of the Fan Token benefits both fans and the clubs to which they belong; which consequently gives the currency greater security as a crypto asset. Since, those who own Fan Token’s, will be able to have an active voice in some decisions of the club; such as the choice of new shield logos or special events within the team areas.

What sports entities have invested in this currency?

So far, more than 37 different soccer clubs have signed a contract with the creators of these cryptocurrencies; to create the emblematic Fan Token of your sports organizations. Among the most renowned soccer clubs are the organizations of Futbol Club Barcelona and Club Atlético de Madrid; as well as Paris Saint-Germain.

Likewise, other soccer sports organizations have also acquired Fan Token; as is the case of the Portugal team, the Argentina team and the Spanish Soccer Team (SNFT) . On the other hand, representatives of the world of racing and Formula 1 such as the Aston Martin and Alfa Romero teams; who have also acquired part of this cryptoactive.

In addition, the reach of the Fan Token has even reached the world of video games ; since ‘e-sport’ sports organizations, such as Allianz and Heretics, have acquired part of the Fan Token.

Where to buy 100% safe Fan Token?

Fan Token is a cryptocurrency developed largely by the company HX Entertainment, owners of the brand. In conjunction with other developers, among which the Turkish crypto bank Bitci stands out ; Responsible for the creation of the Fan Token of organizations such as some La Liga clubs and the Spanish Soccer Team.

Considering that there is only one creator of the cryptoactive, it should be mentioned that you can access two ways to buy Fan Token . For this, the first step is to acquire the CHZ or Chiliz cryptocurrency ; since it is necessary to make a redemption for Fan Token.

You can go to the company’s application to purchase CHZ and then safely buy the Fan Token you want; since in the domain of the application it is possible to acquire both crypto assets. Another equally safe option is making the purchase through the Binance application; whose cryptocurrency domain comprises that of Fan Token.

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