Hearthstone: Paladin Token Deck Guide

Introducing Muzzy’s Paladin Token deck: a description of the archetype, tips for choosing a starting hand and improving the deck, as well as a game plan

Hoping that the Hearthstone metagame has settled down ? No matter how it is! Blizzard recently announced the changes coming in 10.2, but no one expected it to come out so soon. The players were given almost no time to predict the new meta and rolled out that very update, which includes changes in the balance of the strongest cards: “Pirate Scout”, “Captive Raza”, “Bone Mare” and “Corridor Horror”.

In this article we will tell you about the new Paladin Token archetype of the professional player from the USA under the nickname Muzzy, who plays for the Luminosity Gaming team. “Token Paladin” still found his ideal build, with which its creator was able to reach the rank of “legend” # 335 and achieve a high win rate: 38 wins and 14 losses.

About archetype

Token Paladin is a midrange archetype that has taken over many features from the popular pre-nerf Aggro Paladin and Midrange Paladin before entering the freewheeling mode of rating games. Build Muzzy uses a large number of cards that summon weak “Paladin Recruits”, which he further enhances with “New Level!”, “Shining Stegodon” and “Sun Guardian Tarim”. From Aggro Paladin, he adopted early creatures such as the Vanguard Squire, Dagger Juggler and Righteous Protector, and also began using the To Arms spell, which summons three creatures from your deck and instantly grabs the table. Also new is the Crystal Lion, which allows you to cast a 5/5 creature with a divine shield for almost nothing.

Deck “Token Paladin”

Deck code : AAECAZ8FBvQFucECg8cC1uUCteYCt + cCDKcF9QXZB7EI2a4Cu68C / 68CuMcC2ccC48sC + NICieYCAA ==

Paladin Recruits

It must be said that the deck is directly tied to the “Recruit Paladins”, which can be obtained in the following ways:

  • The strength of a hero. You summon one “Recruit Paladin” to the table for two mana.
  • “Kobold Jailer”. The benefits of using this card are simply incredible – despite its low stats, it adds three “Paladin Recruits” to your hand, which can be played in just one mana.
  • Lost in the Jungleand Barrier to the Dark . Spells that summon two and five “Paladin Recruits” for one and two mana, respectively. The best spells for summoning small creatures.
  • “Dowser”and “Unidentified Hammer”. The first one summons two “Recruit Paladins” when attacking and is an extremely powerful weapon for the Paladin, while the second has only a 25% chance that his battle cry will summon two “Recruit Paladins”. All other effects of the “Unidentified Hammer” will allow you to strengthen the creatures.

Also in the deck there is a huge variety of cards, thanks to which you can strengthen your “Paladin Recruits”. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • “Unidentified hammer”. It has a 75% chance to strengthen creatures, among its effects there is +1 to attack, and a divine shield, but the weakest, unfortunately, is a provocation that does nothing and does not change the situation in any way.
  • Shining Stegodon. A creature that adapts your “Paladin Recruits”, giving you a huge selection of powerful buffs. It practically did not play in “Expedition to Un’Goro” and “Knights of the Frozen Throne”, however, now it is insanely powerful.
  • “New level!” … Boosts your Recruit Paladins by + 2 / + 2 and gives them Taunt. A kind of reincarnation of the “Intendant” from the “Goblins and Gnomes” expansion.
  • “Sun Guardian Tarim”. Another reinforcing creature that will help you level the odds with your opponent or gain an undeniable advantage. In any case, this card is very versatile and can be applied in a wide variety of situations.

Starting hand

When choosing cards for your starting hand, you only need to be guided by one rule – find as many creatures and spells as possible for the early game. Mulligan is almost the same when playing against most decks, so look for the following cards:

  • Lost in the Jungle. An excellent spell for the beginning of the party, which will allow you to summon two creatures at once for just one mana crystal.
  • Righteous Protectorand Squire of the Vanguard . Powerful creatures that have the ability of a divine shield, which allows them to profitably exchange and fight at the table.
  • “Juggler with daggers” It can be useful if you have a lot of cheap creatures, since it deals one damage to a random creature or hero for each new creature summoned.
  • “Leader of Dire Wolves” It is extremely useful, giving two creatures on either side of itself +1 to attack, but again, requires creatures.
  • “Unidentified hammer”. Weapons that can benefit from their battlecry, but require creatures to do so. The best roll for you will be the call of two “Paladin Recruits”.
  • “To arms!” … Not an early spell, but worth keeping in hand so you always have something to play on your fourth turn. Summons three creatures from your deck and always with great abilities.

How to play

Playing “Token Paladin” you need to start seizing the table from early moves, which will help cheap cards that summon creatures: “Lost in the Jungle”, “Squire of the Vanguard”, “Juggler with Daggers” and others. When capturing the table, do not forget to destroy all the opponent’s creatures in all possible ways – you cannot leave the enemy a chance for rehabilitation. In the middle of the game, play “To Arms!” as soon as possible. This will allow you not to worry about your table in the future, since the card brings too much tempo and even in a mirror match-up, the one who plays this spell for the first time almost always wins. When playing against most classes in ranked games, you will come across many control decks that use AoE spells, and your task will be to outplay and lure them out for a calm further game. Hold on to the buffs of your “Recruit Paladins” until you can attack with them or until the last massive sweep comes out. The deck wins with its huge benefits and depleting the opponent’s resources – even if the Priest uses all his AoE abilities, he will not have enough damage to clear your table.


Token Paladin has become a very powerful archetype that can beat any deck in the current metagame and even Cubolok with great endurance and the right game plan. The deck is not very popular at the moment, but it shows interesting results and in the future it will definitely receive its development, new technical solutions and assemblies designed to destroy certain “kings of the meta”. We hope you found this material useful. Good luck in ranked games. Win!

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