How to complete the quest “Yaks’ Wish” in Genshin Impact

Exploring the territories of the game world in Genshin Impact , the player can stumble upon a strange structure, the activation of which will launch the additional task “Yaks’s Desire”. In this guide, we will show you how to complete it and how you are rewarded.

How to get and complete the quest “Yaks’s Wish”

First of all, you need to come to the following place, where you will find a mysterious monument:

The essence of the quest is to find three pyramids in the area. For your convenience, we have left a minimap on the screenshots to make it easier to navigate.

The first pyramid can be found in the Hilichurl camp. A stone staircase still leads to it. After entering the camp, look for a chest in the center, access to which will open after clearing this place from enemies:

The second pyramid can be found in the Hilichurl village. Clean it from enemies, after which the entrance to the hut will open:

For the third pyramid, find the stone ruins:

The pyramid chest is in the tower behind the bars. To open it, you need to activate two lamps, holding a star to them, which can be obtained by breaking the ore near the ruins. It looks like this:

There is quite a lot of ore in the ruins, so finding it shouldn’t be a problem. Just follow the minimap in the screenshots earlier to find it. After breaking the ore and getting the star, bring it to the lamps that you will find on the second floor of the ruins during your walk to the tower:

After collecting all three pyramids, take them to the stele, where you activated the quest. As a result, you will receive the following reward:

  • 250 adventure experience;
  • 30 source stones;
  • 6 units of the hero’s experience;
  • 3 precious chests.
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