What Is Industrialism,And 5 Effects of Industrialization In Life

What is Industrialism, it is  broadly  implied on two things: a thorough knowledge of the potentialities of nature, and a systematic attempt to exploit them for the enrichment of human life.Man has lived on earth for thousands and thousands of years. Nature has prodigally lavished on him all her resources ever since his coming into this wonderful world. But unfortunately he did not know for a long time how to utilize them for the satisfaction of his wants.

There was coal under the earth, there were rich mineral deposits of many other kinds; immense fertility lay latent in the soil the possibilities of selecting crops and stock remained unexplored,the powers of steam and electricity were there, unknown and unused. In course of time, however, man acquired knowledge of these things, and his command over nature became greater.

What Is Industrialism,Discuss Its Good And Evil In This Modern World

Industrialism has ushered in a new civilization. The slow moving and slow-thinking old world is gone. Man has set out as the Great Adventurer, conquering the world and mastering the forces of nature. He finds a new way of asserting his power; he discovers that there is virtually no limit to the expansion of his mind. For him the days do not drag and the years do not seem like a monotonous round.

It is fascinating to know how all this came about. Certainly it did not happen all on a sudden. Man did not wake one fine morning and find himself transported from the age of the pack-horse to the age of the automobile and the aero plane. The onset of the new forces was swift no doubt, but they took a long time to work themselves out. To understand the true nature of the great change we must look back to the closing years of the eighteenth century, to ‘he era of the Industrial evolution in England.

History of Industrial Revolution.

By the Industrial Revolution is meant that the making of goods was utterly changed by the invention of machinery and the use of steam. It means also that life itself was revolutionized by this great change. Instead of each house-holder making the things he needed, or buying them from a laborer with a loom in his cottage, or from a manufacturer who employed many people to spin and weave .1 their homes, there now appeared the Factory, the place to which people drifted to earn wages, the place round which dingy houses  sprang up for the use of the workers.

Such was the advent of industrialism in England, and from England it gradually spread to other parts of the world. Up to the middle of the nineteenth century industrialism had taken root only in Western Europe and to a less extent in the United States of America. Within half a century was seen its rapid extension to the Far East. Its access in Japan was romantic.

Many evils have followed in the wake of industrialism. Gone the peace of the village, gone the joy and independence of the home-workers. The tall chimneys darken the sky with smoke, and streams of people leave their humble cottages and their little gardens in the country-side and fill the slums. The joyless workers,human beings, have become mere hands. Their names have been forgotten ind they are known by their numbers. The human element has been crushed out of them and they have become a part and parcel of the  huge and ugly machines they handle. Joy in labor is gone and only the  drudgery remains.

Why There Was Need of Industrialism In Society

Society is divided into the rich few and the poor many, and :seeds are sown of class struggle. The huddling together of a crowd in cramped little spaces and its dismal surroundings tell upon their  health and morals. The scramble for raw materials, the strife for markets, the feverish competition for foreign investment lead to international jealousies and conflicts. The state of peace is really a state of veiled warfare. The so-called civilized world of ours ever lives m the crater of a volcano.But there is another side of the picture, Industrialism has enabled us to rest from nature her hidden treasures and render life happy and luxurious. Wealth has increased, the standard of life has risen, and mental activity has become a force that people feel at every turn.


Here is the beauty of what is industrialism, If there is hardship and cruelty, there are also heartiness and cheerfulness. If there is brutality and coarseness there are also delicacy and sweetness. If the sky is blackened with the  smoke of factory chimneys, the night kindles into the day and park rings with the pretty voices of men and women after day’s  toil. If nations fight with each other for sordid interest, they also shake hands, sit round the table, and discuss the common problems of life.

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