What is Inbox;Purpose,Function And Uses.

Inbox is an English word that means “inside the box”. The term has become quite popular with social networks, especially Facebook, but it was already used to refer to an email inbox.In social networks, an inbox message means a private message and it is used when you want to chat exclusively with one or more people, without making the message’s content public.

Inbox on Facebook

The term inbox is used mainly on Facebook and private messages from this social network are sent by the application called Messenger. Unlike posts that are visible on your friends’ timelines, inbox messages can only be accessed by conversation participants.

When someone makes an ad, for example, it is common to ask people to contact you by “ inbox ” to provide additional information.

There are three ways to send an inbox to someone:

  • Click on the person’s name in the right corner of the Facebook screen on the computer. There, you can also check the person’s status on Messenger. If the person is online, for example, a green ball appears next to the name.
  • The other way to contact your friends via inbox is by clicking on the speech bubble icon in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the notifications. By clicking on this icon, you will be able to see all your messages.
  • Finally, to talk to a person, it is also possible to enter their profile and click on “Message”.

Another possibility is to install the Messenger application on mobile devices and have direct access to conversations.

Inbox on Instagram

On Instagram it is also possible to send private messages to other people, in this case, the most used term is “direct”. To do this, just click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the application or enter the person’s profile and click on “Message”.

Inbox on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp instant chat app is also a way to send private messages, whether to a person or a group. To have a private conversation with someone via WhatsApp, just have that person’s phone number and send them a message.

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