12 tips for Google Inbox

At the end of October, Google presented its new messaging: Inbox . The objective is not to replace Gmail, but to simplify the management of emails on the web and on mobile. At first glance, it’s a bit confusing. It’s hard to understand where this application is located in the Google ecosystem, a kind of mix between Gmail and Google Now . It’s a bit like Twitter: at first, we don’t really understand the value, so we abandon the service. Then we come back to it. Then we get hooked. If you are in the same situation as me, here are 12 tips to take advantage of all the features of Inbox.

Google Inbox keyboard shortcuts

Like any self-respecting service, Google Inbox offers dozens of keyboard shortcuts. They are accessible on the web version, with a simple Shift +? . Here are the 7 main shortcuts:

  • C: Create a new message
  • T: Create a reminder
  • Ctrl + Enter: Send
  • Esc: Close the “New message” window
  • E or Y: Mark as completed
  • ] or [: Mark as finished and go to the next one
  • Shift + P: Pin

Put an email on hold to process it later

When an email arrives in the inbox, we have several choices. In particular, we can postpone an email until later (on the web: timer icon, on mobile: swipe to the left). The email then disappears from our inbox and reappears at the desired time. You can also create a geolocated reminder, to put an email on hold until you arrive at work or at home for example. Here are the choices offered by Google Inbox.

Mark an email as “finished”

Another possible choice is to mark an email as finished (on the web: check icon, on mobile: swipe to the right). Thus, the email disappears from the inbox. This action also affects Gmail, since completed emails are archived.

Pin an email so you don’t forget it

Third choice available: pin an email. On mobile, you must open the email to pin it (small pin). On the web, the pin is directly visible in the inbox. A pinned email remains in the inbox, on top of other items. If you scan emails (mark all items as completed), pinned emails are not impacted.

Access completed or pending items

On mobile and on the web, the Inbox menu is available at the top right. On mobile, you can also swipe from left to right to access it. You can access your inbox, “pending” and “completed” emails this way.

Change Google account on Inbox

If you have more than one Google account, you can switch from one account to another on Inbox. On mobile, just open the menu: at the top right of your Google+ cover, you should see a small bubble with the photo of your second account. Just click on it to switch.


Create a reminder on Google Inbox

Google Inbox is perfectly linked to other Google services. Thus, you can easily access reminders created via Google Now, in Google Inbox. Just open the menu and click on “Reminders”. You can also create a reminder via Google Inbox, using the “+” button at the bottom right of the screen. Inbox allows you to create smart reminders, such as “Call Flavien Chantrel”. At the chosen time, you can call your colleague with just one click.

Group emails on Google Inbox

On Inbox, some emails are grouped automatically. This is particularly the case with promotions and newsletters. But you can very well create your own groupings, via the “Create” button available in the menu. In fact, this is a more intuitive way than on Gmail to create filters. You can also choose whether or not to display these emails in the inbox.

Receive certain emails only once a day or a week

Are you tired of receiving newsletters all day long? No problem: Inbox allows you to receive these emails only at certain times of the day. For example, you can choose to receive these emails only in the morning at 7 a.m. or once a week. Each email category can be configured in this way (promotions, notifications, social networks etc.). To do so, on the web, all you have to do is hover your mouse over a category and click on the small cogwheel. On mobile, you have to access the category then click on the small cogwheel.

Access Gmail folders from Inbox

Gmail and Inbox are closely linked. Thus, you can access the folders created on Gmail from Inbox (and vice versa), thanks to the menu. You can also choose to group these emails and display them (or not) in the inbox. FYI, if you decide to hide these emails in your inbox, they will also be hidden on Gmail.

Configure notifications on Google Inbox

On mobile, you can modify Google Inbox notifications, via the “Settings” menu. You can receive a notification for each new message, activate or not the vibrator, the light and the ringtone. It is also possible to deactivate the notifications of a category so as not to be disturbed by promotions or newsletters for example.

Invite someone to Google Inbox

If you want to make someone happy, it’s very simple: via the “+” located at the bottom right, you can invite your friends to Google Inbox. But go ahead, you only have 3 invitations 😉

If you use other Google services, from search to Gmail to Drive, do not hesitate to consult our 200 tips for mastering Google !

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