What is Facebook Watch and how it works

Facebook Watch is the alternative to consume audiovisual content that the social network owned by Meta launched in 2018. Its objective is to compete with other traditional audiovisual streaming platforms such as YouTube or Netflix. Its main feature is to gather all the videos recommended in your feed in one place so that you can view, share and interact with the community. But it is much more than that.

Facebook is developing exclusive content for Facebook Watch in some countries. Its intention is to become the great rival of the famous streaming platforms.

It should be noted that Facebook Watch has interesting options like those of any streaming provider. As such, Facebook even produces exclusive content for this platform. However, the original contents of Facebook Watch are only available in some markets and, for the moment, they have not reached Spain.

Contents available on Facebook Watch

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Facebook Watch proposal in markets where its own content is not offered is different from those where it is.

In countries like Spain, it focuses on displaying the videos that appear in your feed on a single site. That way, you won’t have to play the videos as you scroll down your home page. In addition, by accessing Facebook Watch you can enjoy recommendations based on your information, sharing options and traditional interaction functions such as “Likes”.

One very important aspect about Facebook Watch is that to access it you don’t need to download any extra app. This service is integrated into the Facebook app and website. In addition, it has its own browser or search bar, which is identical to the bar that Facebook integrates, only that the Watch one focuses only on video searches.

How to access Facebook Watch

As explained, to enjoy Facebook Watch you don’t need to go to an application outside of the Meta social network. You simply have to locate the icon in the shape of a television screen with the playback symbol in the middle. You will easily find this in the options panel at the top, whether you are in the desktop version or the mobile app.

When you access Facebook Watch you will notice that all the content that usually appears in your feed will be found in the same list. Then, you can also do more specific searches by going to the bar that we mentioned earlier. All the content that the platform recommends will be based on your tastes.

How to make money with Facebook Watch

If you are a creator of audiovisual content, you can earn money with Facebook Watch in some countries, such as the United States. Facebook has a content monetization program similar to the YouTube Partner Program , whereby it keeps 45% of the revenue and shares 55% of the money generated by the advertising shown in their videos with the creator.

That if, to be able to advertise at will, content creators must meet a series of requirements. Among them, having created videos of more than three minutes, having attracted more than 30,000 viewers who have seen more than a minute of content and having more than 10,000 followers.


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