What is Dermatological Surgery?

Dermatological Surgery is the area of ​​Dermatology specialized in diagnostic, surgical, aesthetic and oncological procedures performed on the skin or subcutaneous tissue, which aim to prevent, restore and maintain the health of your skin, hair or nails.

Who is the Dermatological Surgeon.

A dermatologist at the  is  a doctor with a specialist title in Dermatology, conferred by SBD (Brazilian Society of Dermatology) and AMB (Brazilian Medical Association). SBCD is an entity that only accepts dermatologists with a degree in their membership. A SBCD dermatological surgeon is a dermatologist who can focus on general dermatological surgery, skin oncology and also on minimally invasive cosmetic or cosmetic procedures. Check the website for the specific performance of each member according to their activity register.

Not all procedures performed by the dermatological surgeon are surgical procedures. Non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques are increasingly part of the dermatologist’s therapeutic arsenal.

As specialists in dermatological procedures, dermatological surgeons are qualified to employ a variety of corrective and preventive techniques to keep skin healthy and looking good. Dermatologists are responsible for most of the publications and the development of the most commonly performed cosmetic therapeutic procedures today.

What does a dermatological surgeon do?

Dermatological surgeons work in several segments, including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of benign tumors and skin cancer.
  • Prevention and treatment of skin aging.
  • Scar treatment.
  • Body treatments: flaccidity, localized fat, excess hair, stretch marks and cellulite.

How to choose a dermatological surgeon?

Choosing a qualified professional is the first step in ensuring the health and beauty of the skin, the largest organ in the human body. Some dermatological procedures appear to be simple, but they can cause serious problems when performed by unqualified professionals. In addition, if complications occur during the procedure, the dermatologist has the necessary knowledge to treat them.

When choosing a dermatologist, make sure that he is properly certified and that he has the Specialist Qualification Record (RQE), the record that proves that he specialized in a certain area of ​​Medicine, such as Dermatology. Only doctors holding the RQE can call themselves specialists .

Also check the doctor’s affiliations and the entities he is a part of. A member of the SBCD dermatologist is evidently a professional certified by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), holder of the RQE and with access to the education and training activities offered by the SBCD. The RQE of each doctor can be consulted on the website of CFM – Conselho Federal de Medicina .

What precautions to take before undergoing a dermatological surgery procedure?

Once a properly qualified doctor has been chosen, before performing a Dermatological Surgery procedure, you must:

  • Evaluate with the doctor the indication of the procedure and clarify all your doubts.
  • Ask the doctor about any risks associated with the procedure and how they can be mitigated.
  • Discuss your expectations about the procedure with the doctor, remembering that they should be realistic, to avoid frustration or regret.
  • Inform the doctor about any existing health problems and medications you are taking.
  • Record the pre and post-procedure care to be taken and strictly obey the doctor’s recommendations.
  • When necessary, perform all requested preoperative exams.

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