5 Cosmetic Surgery Examples You Must Know

Cosmetic Surgery Examples. There are a variety of cosmetic procedures available for different parts of the body, for example, breast augmentation or reduction, body contouring, and facial cosmetic surgeries

When we talk about cosmetic surgery , we refer to a branch of medicine that deals specifically with correcting any defects and imperfections of the body , so as to improve the patient’s physical appearance. The value of such a medical discipline is also essential from a psychological point of view because in many cases it helps the person involved to fully accept himself, overcoming some limits imposed by his physical appearance.

Are cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery the same thing?

We often tend to confuse cosmetic surgery with plastic surgery, failing to distinguish the two disciplines. In reality, cosmetic surgery , together with reconstructive surgery, represents a branch of plastic surgery. The purpose of the latter is to correct or eliminate congenital malformations and organic lesions.

Within the macro-category of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery deals with interventions that have a more exclusively cosmetic and, precisely, aesthetic purpose. In practice, cosmetic surgery changes the shape but not the functions.

5 Cosmetic Surgery Examples.

There are many cosmetic surgeries that can be performed. Among these we can mention:

  • cosmetic surgery on the face;
  • nose cosmetic surgery;
  • cosmetic eye surgery;
  • breast cosmetic surgery;
  • aesthetic surgery upstream of Venus or pubis ;
  • belly cosmetic surgery.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Facial aesthetic surgery is aimed at all those types of patients who wish to remedy specific aesthetic defects of the face or who aim to intervene against the signs of aging, aiming at a rejuvenation of this area of ​​the body, so as to give it a more tonic. Face lifting is one of the most requested interventions, together with otoplasty , intended for the correction of ear defects.

Cosmetic surgery of the nose

Nose cosmetic surgery, also known as rhinoplasty , allows you to reshape the nose, solving all the aesthetic problems affecting this region of the face.

Cosmetic eye surgery

When we talk about cosmetic surgery of the eyes we refer to the blepharoplasty intervention which allows to eliminate unsightly bags under the eyes, dark circles and sagging skin in the ocular region. The aim is to give a new freshness to the look. But blepharoplasty is also performed for purposes that are not strictly aesthetic, effectively allowing to act on the reduction of the visual field caused by drooping eyelids .

Breast cosmetic surgery

Breast cosmetic surgery intervenes on the shape or size of the breast, which has always been considered as the emblem of female beauty. However, women are not the only ones involved in this type of intervention. Even men can undergo the so-called gynecomastia , or the intervention aimed at reducing the male breast.

Cosmetic surgery of the mons of Venus or pubis

This type of intervention consists in a reduction of the mons of Venus , also called mons pubis or more simply pubis, through liposuction techniques . The aim is to remove the accumulations of fatty tissue located in the lower abdomen. The increase in volume in the pubic area is generated by excessive weight, it can arise as a result of a pregnancy or derives from the natural aging process to which we are subject.

Belly cosmetic surgery

Aesthetic tummy surgery includes an operation called abdominoplasty , which consists in the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper and lower abdomen. From an aesthetic point of view, the intervention is aimed at eliminating abdominal fat as well as redefining the hips and the muscles of the abdominal region as a whole, guaranteeing a very natural result.

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