Scientific research is increasingly engaged in trying to use autologous tissues in different fields of medicine. Plasma is a platelet-rich component of blood. If appropriately concentrated and activated in the form of a gel, the platelets constitute an autologous tissue that allows stimulating tissue regeneration processes in the maxillofacial, orthopedic, ophthalmic areas, in the treatment of skin ulcers and, with very satisfactory results also in the field of medicine aesthetics, with the technique of biostimulation , and plastic surgery.

The platelet gel is able in fact to accelerate the growth of bone tissue, decrease postoperative bleeding, stimulate the replication of skin fibroblasts and wound healing. The fibroblasts, once activated, determine a remarkable improvement in the quality of the skin.

All this thanks to the fact that the platelets, if activated in the form of gel, process, store and release numerous growth factors :

  • The PDGF (plateletderivedgrowthfactor) in addition to functioning as coordinator of the other growth factors, has a mitogenic and angiogenetic action, thus accelerating the healing of chronic ulcers.
  • TGF beta (transforminggrowthfactor-beta) stimulates fibroblasts and osteoblasts while inhibiting osteoclasts.
  • IGF I and II (insulinlikegrowthfactor I and II) primarily stimulate osteoblasts.
  • EGF (epidermalgrowthfactor) stimulates epithelial and mesenchymal cells.
  • The most interesting FGFb (fibroblastgrowhfactorbasic) in the field of aesthetic medicine, stimulates the migration of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen.

When the platelet gel is injected into the dermis and hypodermis it functions as a matrix that acts as a structure and reservoir of the aforementioned growth factors therefore, in addition to determining a filler effect at the time of injection, it stimulates a progressive production of collagen with a consequent improvement of the skin appearance.

The autologous platelet gel, in addition to biostimulation , is a very valid support also for the lipofilling technique, a method that has been successfully used for years both for aesthetic and reconstructive purposes. The growth factors, released by the platelets injected into the deep dermis and hypodermis of the receiving area (for example, the face), probably induce the differentiation of the adult mesenchymal cells that are present in the mature adipose tissue and therefore grafted together with the mature adipocytes . The result of this phenomenon is a better filling effect of the adipose tissue.

The bio-stimulation is performed in surgery, without anesthesia, by means of micro-injections with a very fine needle, the treatment lasts for about 30 minutes and leaves no end only a few small bruises that are fixed in a few hours.

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