What is cancer surgery?

Cancer surgery is a type of cancer treatment that consists of removing the tumor through operations on the patient’s body. When indicated, your intention is to completely remove the tumor.

Cancer in its initial phase can be controlled, or even cured, through surgical treatment, currently considered one of the tripods for the treatment of the disease, alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It is worth mentioning that the multiple treatment approach, combining several therapeutic modalities, usually generates better results in terms of cure, survival and quality of life.

The surgical procedure can have a curative purpose, especially when there is early detection of the tumor and its total removal is possible; or palliative purpose, when the objective is to reduce the quantity of tumor cells or to control symptoms that compromise the quality of the patient’s survival. Some examples of palliative treatments are: the decompression of vital structures, the control of hemorrhages and perforations, the diversion of air, digestive and urinary transits, the control of pain and the removal of a lesion that is difficult to live with.

The surgical procedure must always be performed under anesthesia, in an appropriate environment and with material and staff properly prepared for the intervention. In addition, you should simultaneously consider technical aspects, such as knowledge about the disease and its stage of development, the complete removal of the tumor, taking care not to let the disease spread during the act, the removal of all places where the disease can occur. have spread (ganglia and other organs); as well as aspects related to the adequate preparation of the patient and his family about the physiological changes and / or mutilations that may occur because of the surgical treatment.

Cancer surgery is also a way to assess the extent of the disease. That is, in some cases, cancer staging is only possible to be certified during the surgical procedure.


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