What Is Body Posture In Children

Body posture refers to the way the body is held or supported when standing, sitting, or moving. By having a good position we avoid muscle pain or injuries. Some authors define it as “The symmetrical and proportional alignment of the body segments around” Tovar Navas, ML and Escalona Labaceno R. (2002). and “The usual position in which a man stands freely without any additional muscular tension.” S.Popov (1988)

There are two types of postures: static and dynamic.

In the static posture, as its name says, there is no movement, for example: when standing sitting or sleeping.

The dynamic posture is the opposite of the previous one, since this is where the gait phase enters, when walking or running. This posture also refers to bending down to pick something up.

In this blog we emphasize that the body posture in children is of the utmost importance, because if they do not have a correct position in the middle part of the back and the lower part of the back, pathologies, pains or other problems in the body could be triggered. However, their age and lack of development make it possible to correct various problems that are hardly possible in adults.

At present and as the years go by, an endless number of postural problems develop in children; On this occasion we will talk about the dynamic posture, since it is closely related to flat feet , that is, the consequences they have when they are standing or moving.

The body posture in children with flat feet is severely affected, since their feet lean inwards, affecting their balance and they constantly suffer from falls due to this pathology, making it difficult to carry out normal activities of daily living. .

What is flat foot ?

Flat feet is a fairly common pathology, which refers to the absence of the plantar arch, that is, when the foot steps on the plantar arch, it is not visible, and the shape of the foot leans inward. This presents during childhood or can develop later as a result of an injury.

Flat feet affect the individual’s body posture, since by not having a good base to support the weight of the human body, the spine is altered.

This pathology has consequences in the life of those who suffer from it, therefore, the individual cannot satisfactorily perform some sports activities such as running for a prolonged period due to discomfort. Another consequence is having little flexibility, lack of balance and overexertion when stretching, all caused by the feet , simply because they do not correctly carry all the weight of the rest of the body.

So how is it possible to correct a bad body posture derived from flat feet ?

Very simple, an alternative solution is to use custom-made orthopedic insoles , since they adapt to the foot , and give the correct position to the spine when a dynamic posture is found (walking, running or bending over).

Orthopedic insoles are made to measure, because they are made based on the plantar pressures that were located during the baropodometric study , this is how the needs of those who suffer from this pathology are detected.

At the foot evaluation clinic at Mediprax Footlab Puebla we have professionals in the area of ​​orthotics, prosthetics and physical therapy in order to provide adequate and ideal treatment according to the needs of the patient. Carrying out the evaluation of the gait through the digital baropodometric study , likewise in the design and manufacture of custom-made orthopedic insoles


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