What is Amazon Locker and how does it work?

Amazon is one of the leading companies in the online shopping market. Most users prefer this platform over the others because it offers a wide list of products, good prices, and various shipping options. For this reason, it is important that you discover what it is, how Amazon Locker works and where to find this service .

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  1. What are Amazon Locker delivery points for?
  2. What do I need to do to get my order to Amazon Locker?
    1. How to see the Amazon Locker delivery points?
    2. How much does it cost to use Amazon Locker drop off points?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Amazon Locker?
    1. All Amazon users can go to them
    2. The delivery date will always be fixed and immovable
    3. Returns are much more agile
    4. There is a maximum size for packets

What are Amazon Locker delivery points for?

There is a large number of people who do not have enough time to purchase the products they need. So, they turn to companies like Amazon , which allows you to shop online from home using your mobile or PC. However, you may spend a short time at home and for this reason we require a secure shipping option.

Indeed, the famous company developed an alternative that serves to ensure the delivery of orders without depending on a neighbor or relative who lives near you. Amazon Locker is a locker service that allows you to search for packages purchased from the platform whenever you want.

You can usually find such lockers in restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations, supermarkets, and other places . With these delivery points, you avoid the transfer of delivery people near your home or addresses where it is possible that there is no one to pick up the order. In addition, the service is free in some clients.

Therefore, Amazon Locker drop-off points are for you to pick up and return packages at the time you see fit . The company establishes a time frame of three days after your order arrives at the locker closest to you. If you don’t pick it up within this period, it will be returned and a refund will be made.

What do I need to do to get my order to Amazon Locker?

If you wish to use this option to purchase your products, you must choose a box office that will be your shipping address. Then, you finish the order and in this way you will obtain a code with which you can pick up your package at the chosen site. Once your order arrives at the mailbox, you will receive a confirmation email with a series of instructions for the purpose of making the withdrawal.

If you need to process your parcels through said self-service, you must create an Amazon account and log in with it. Locate the ‘Accounts and Lists’ section. Press ‘Add address’ and choose to search for the packages at the Locker point closest to you. You will see a directory of lockers and the hours of attention to the public of each of them.

Go back to the list of locations and see if you were able to manage your Amazon Locker address successfully. Next, you will receive a message in your email with information about the availability of the product when it arrives at the dispatch point. Take a photo of the code that the platform sends or write it down before going to the locker.

When you get to the shelf, enter the serial on the screen or place the image you took under the red laser. Immediately, the Locker door will open and you will be able to extract your package. Finally, Amazon will send you a delivery confirmation and ask you to answer a survey where you can comment on the quality of support.

How to see the Amazon Locker delivery points?

It is important that you locate a locker that is in your area. In this sense, access ‘My account’ and ‘My addresses’ . Select the country, write your first name, last name and postal code. Then, click on ‘here’ and ‘Search’ in order to view the list of available lockers in your geographical area on a map.

Choose ‘Amazon Locker’ and note the time in which you can pick up your package, as well as the precise address. Press the ‘Select’ button and you will store the delivery route in your account. When you make the purchase, you must mark the Locker point. If it does not appear, it means that your package does not meet the established requirements.

After accessing the  official Amazon website, you will see a link point through which it is easier to locate and select the best site according to your needs and preferences. The platform presents a map where it specifies the exact locations and hours of operation. This data is useful before configuring the dispatch site.

How much does it cost to use Amazon Locker drop off points?

Use of this service is free for Prime members for one month. The condition applies to purchases between €2 and €30. If you are not a subscriber, there are no additional charges for packages costing more than 29 euros since it is a standard delivery. If the amount is less, you must pay €6.99 regardless of the order category.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Amazon Locker?

One of the beneficial aspects of using self-service points is that you can pick up your package whenever you want, without the need for a delivery person. In this way, you will have greater security of having your parcel . Another positive aspect is the time for dispatch, which is reduced because the product will go directly to a locker.

Therefore, the use of cabinets is a convenient alternative that facilitates the removal of packages. It is also known to be a secure service because it is offered at trusted locations and the customer is guaranteed to find their package there . The flexibility of the schedules is another element in favor, as well as the savings in shipping costs.

Among the unfavorable aspects are the absence of a Locker point in your geographical area. Likewise, the sales of products by people outside Amazon who manage the shipment are included as a negative factor. Often such sellers do not have this delivery option .

Some objects cannot be taken to lockers because they do not meet the requirements demanded by the company in order to guarantee the service. In this sense, the merchandise that contains articles for adults or those objects that are considered dangerous are excluded from this shipping method .

All Amazon users can go to them

It is true that anyone who has an account on this platform has the ability to go to the lockers . However, these are not found all over the world. To this condition must be added certain restrictions such as the size of the order, the price, the category to which it belongs and its weight.

It is very likely that there is an Amazon locker in your area , since the company pays a commission to certain establishments that allow the installation of their lockers. If your address is in a well-populated area, you will surely find a delivery locker near your town or place of work.

Currently, the company offers this interesting retirement alternative to all its customers. However, it promises certain advantages to all the people who are subscribed to Amazon Prime. They can use the system for free for one month if they buy products with prices ranging from €1.99 to €29.99 .

The delivery date will always be fixed and immovable

The delivery time of a package cannot be changed. By this, Amazon notifies the customer about the availability of his order in the location that he managed from the website. The day and time are not planned by the buyer , but the company is in charge of stipulating the moment according to the shipping time, from the place of origin of the product to the area near the client.

Most of these shipping points have opening hours that will depend on the commercial establishment where they are located. In the event that they are located at service stations or gas stations, it is common for them to be open 24 hours a day. Choose these sites if you have availability outside of conventional hours.

It is recommended that you periodically check your email, since this is the only means where you will receive information about the status of the order. Reason for which, you must verify from the web page that your account saves your active email. Check if you receive the notifications without significant delays.

Returns are much more agile

Traditional refunds are generally made within 30 days of receiving a product. It may take until the process of arrival at the logistics center is completed . Then, one week must be waited in order to observe the refund amount in the client’s account.

Instead, the return system works automatically with Amazon Locker . You have three business days to pick up your package. If this period expires, the delivery person returns the product to Amazon and the money from your purchase is returned to the account. Many customers prefer this method in order to avoid further paperwork if they regret their order.

It is possible to use the Locker to return a product even if it arrived completely normally. To do this procedure you must log in with your account and choose the option to return through the box office . Go to it with the 6-digit code, open the cabinet and leave the package there. This operation is restricted to certain withdrawal points.

You should know that the serial provided by the system via email is unique, one-time use and cannot be changed. This means that if you open the locker and close it by mistake without first extracting your order, you will not be able to open it again , since the code will be unusable.

There is a maximum size for packets

At Amazon, the size restriction policies are quite strict. When placing an order to a particular address, it is necessary to take into account a standard box size that does not exceed 25 inches on each side. Otherwise, additional fees apply and there is a risk of rejection or loss of shipping privileges.

Regarding weight, the company stipulates a standard value of 50 pounds . When this limit is exceeded, a label indicates that the product is of the ‘heavy load’ category. If the box contains watches or jewelry, they must not exceed 40 lbs. Breaking such a condition restricts the seller from making future shipments.

The dimension and weight of the package with Amazon Locker is also relevant. This happens since the self-service lockers are not that big. In this sense, the company only admits 42 x 35 x 32 cm as a size limit and a weight of 4.5 kg . Packages that exceed this condition cannot be sent to a Locker point, so it is something that you must consider when packing.


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