Resident Evil 3 Police Station Locker Code;Complete Guide

Resident Evil 3 Police Station Locker Code.We tell you how to survive in the Police Station in Resident Evil 3 Remake. With our help and a little luck, you can survive the zombie apocalypse.Jill has had a pretty bumpy ride escaping the sewers and construction site , but we’ll get back to her later. Now it is the turn of Carlos, who arrives at the police station looking for a person of interest to the UBCS mission, Dr. Nathan Bard.

Resident Evil 3 Police Station Locker Code;Complete Guide.

Find Dr. Bard.

Follow after your partner until you see a sequence. Eliminate the zombie and collect the ID Card from its corpse . Before entering the police station, go down the stairs to the lower passage. In the open room you will find the Outbox document . If you follow the tunnel and go up the stairs, you will come to a box with Assault Rifle Ammo . Next to it you have a Red Grass . and, on one side, a Mr. Charlie .

Come in and get closer to your partner. The lobby is a safe area . You will find a Green Grass in front of the statue. Upstairs, on the east side, there is Pistol Ammo . You can now continue through the west gate. As soon as you cross the gate, look to the left . On a bench you will find a closed box that is opened with the ID Card, it contains Assault Rifle Ammunition . Next to the box you will see the document ID card security protocols . Go through the door to the west.

Go down the hall until you see a zombie. Don’t worry, you can shoot . Shortly after a window will break: a zombie will enter through it, and another will come out of the office on the right. Back up a bit to make it easier to take them down from the hall.

In the Operating Room, go around the center table and you can pick up a Blinding Grenade . Now, it does not look good that they give us this, if you know what I mean . Open the door at the back and grab Assault Rifle Ammo on the table, then continue east. There will be six or seven zombies outside (you will only see two for now. There are more in the back areas and the room to the east that will join later), we recommend you kill them while backing away little by little. They won’t follow you to the operating roomso you can hit them a couple of shots in the small room and wait for them to go away, even shoot from the door frame and they won’t turn around. Try to use the pistol ammo before the assault rifle, obviously.

With the area clear, in the extreme northwest there is a box with a Green Grass , and in the office to the east, Assault Rifle Ammunition (in the lockers), Pistol Ammunition , a Red Grass (in the background, next to the windows ) and a locked box with a Scope (Assault Rifle) . A zombie will crawl out of the back office. Inside the office there is a safe . The combination is 9 left, 15 right, 7 left (yes, it is the same as in Resident Evil 2 Remake , the eggs have been left). Inside you will find a Fanny Pack (they are shared with Jill, in case you had not noticed).

The Security Deposit is closed , so go down the back hall. Under the stairs you will find the second safe room in the police station, the Dark Room. In the lockers there is a Red Grass and Assault Rifle Ammo . Next to the typewriter you will find the Internal Circular . Go up to the second floor, go into the changing room and take the Electronic Device from the shower wall, as well as the Note to a friend from a bench in the locker room.

Make your way through the shower wall

Well, one of the lockers is closed with a padlock of letters : the solution is CAP and inside you will find a blinding Grenade . In one corner there is a green grass . Now go up to the 3F, be careful of the “dead” zombie on the landing, it will get up when you approach, you can stab the bug at will before it does. Once in the 3F, on the boxes on the left, you will find the Key to the security deposit . The corpse behind won’t move, don’t worry. In the background you will see a box with pistol ammunition and another locker with a dial lock . The solution is DCM and it contains Assault Rifle Ammo .

We have to go back to the ground floor . When you go to approach the Security Deposit walk, do not run, because a Licker will appear . If you walk, he won’t hear you. You can wait for him to step aside to pass without being attacked and enter the Depot with your new key. Option B is to shoot the bloody bug with the assault rifle.

Upon entering the warehouse, you will see that there is a zombie , a Green Grass , the document Locker P3 on the board and the keyboard to enter numbers that open the lockers.

This time you won’t be able to get keys 2 and 3 like in Resident Evil 2 Remake , so the only combinations available are:

  • 104:
  • 106:Assault rifle ammunition.
  • 109:Hand grenade.

Combine the Battery and the Electronic Device to get the Detonator . Now before you go out , shoot Mr. Charlie in the corner .

A zombie will fall down the stairs as you approach the dark room. Reorganize the inventory, go upstairs and put the explosives on the shower wall. Be careful because as soon as you do this, a lot of zombies will come out of the hole , watch out: shoot a flash to give yourself time to kill the first two with the assault rifle. When you cross the gap there will be two more to your left and, when you get to the lockers, you should throw the grenade . There will be at least three more, four if the one in the hallway has opened the door.

With the area clear, take the Assault Rifle Ammo on the bench and in the locker, and the First Aid Spray from another locker. As soon as you go out into the hall, another Licker will appear, do not run . Back up slowly and open the door to the locker room, shoot him in the head and wait for the door to close. You will not be able to open it. Repeat until it drops.

Once you have killed the bug, just out of the showers, on the left, there is a box with Assault Rifle Ammunition . Go without fear to the bottom, no strange man with a raincoat and hat will come out. In the background to the right, next to a window, is more Assault Rifle Ammo . You can now go to the STARS office to see a sequence. Let’s take a look: in a bag with a green cross, on the right side, there is a First Aid Spray . Next to the door is a Red Grass . In the small office by the door you will find the document The Mansion Incident . On the left side of the office, on a table, there is a blinding grenade, and in the armory there is a locked box with Assault Rifle Ammo (you can now discard the ID Card).

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