How to be an Amazon Hub Locker collection point?

Today, there are millions of companies that have extended their service tools to attract a larger audience. Such is the case of Amazon, which has developed different options to facilitate the withdrawal process  of the different packages that are sent through its platform.

These options are called collection points, and one of its modalities is the Amazon is Hub Locker . A system developed by Amazon that seeks to benefit both those who request shipments on the platform; as well as the owners of the premises where it is located. Therefore, when complying with certain characteristics that the Amazon company considers necessary ; a location could include a Hub Locker to be a collection point.

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  1. How do Amazon Hub Locker work?
  2. What do I need to be an Amazon Hub Locker?
    1. Dimensions of the premises
    2. Fill out a form
  3. How much does Amazon pay to be a Hub Locker?
  4. What other companies can I work for to deliver packages?
    1. Dhl
    2. Mondial Relay
    3. Seur

How do Amazon Hub Locker work?

This form of the Amazon collection service comprises an automated process . Where the company will install a series of metal cabinets in the premises corresponding to the collection point; that fulfill the warehouse function. There, Amazon’s designated deliverers will store the corresponding packages, exclusive to the company; to each of the lockers in the closet or HUB Locker.

Once the packages are deposited, customers will have a time limit of three working days to make the corresponding withdrawal. For which they will have to enter a tracking code of the shipment they received, if not also showing a barcode to the scanner reader of the HUB Locker. In the event that the package is not removed on the shipping deadline ; this order and the customer’s money would be automatically returned .

Therefore, the Amazon Hub Locker essentially functions as a self-service; so the owner of the commercial where the collection point operates, will not have to manage it .

What do I need to be an Amazon Hub Locker?

The seneschal factor to apply to be one of the Amazon collection points is to have a commercial premises . However, there are certain aspects that the Amazon company verifies to verify that the necessary requirements are met. Such as the size of the premises and its location, aspects that will be reflected in the form requested by Amazon.

Dimensions of the premises

It is necessary that you consider this aspect of the premises you own before making the request. Since it is essential for the Amazon company to designate your location as a collection point; to ensure the comfort of the users of the service. The size of the premises must be at least 50 x 50 meters ; of which you must have a minimum free space for the Hub Locker of 5 x 5 meters.

Fill out a form

The company presents to those who wish to own Amazon Hub Locker, a form that they will have to fill out ; so that the market company can evaluate the profitability of the premises as a collection point. The first section of the form has boxes in which the user will have to specify how many locations they have available to activate them as Hub Locker; as well as the name of the place and an email and telephone address of the same.

In the following sections, you will have to provide information corresponding to the sector where the store operates; that is, if it is a restaurant, gas station, shopping center, library or cafe, to name a few. In addition to giving the exact address of the place, among other necessary sections, to specify the approval of the premises as a collection point.

How much does Amazon pay to be a Hub Locker?

The way in which being a collection point with the Hub Locker methodology benefits the owners of the premises; it is through commissions for each package that is sent to the locker. The value of the commission paid by Amazon varies between 0.35 and 0.40 Euros , depending on the size and weight of the package.

Although it does not seem like a very big profit; the truth is that this income is mostly a passive one . Since the installation and infrastructure of the Hub Locker is paid for by the Amazon company; in addition, there is almost no interaction between an employee of the establishment and the user of the Hub Locker.

What other companies can I work for to deliver packages?

In the event that your location does not meet the necessary characteristics to be an Amazon collection point; There are different companies that offer the option of converting your establishment into a delivery point in your area .


It is a company that ships globally, whether for documents or packages. To be a DHL collection point, or Service Point as it is called by the company; You will not need to make any type of investment.

The process consists of registering your establishment in a form of the shipping company DHL; When I evaluate it and determine that it is appropriate to integrate a Service Point there, they will contact you.

Mondial Relay

This company offers the possibility of transforming your premises into an agency withdrawal point; also called the Mondial Relay Pack Point . All you have to do is fill in the form designated by the company; in which you will have to specify the sector in which the premises operate and its location.

In addition, you will have to provide some points of contact, and the opening hours of the establishment. Once the form has been submitted, if your store meets the Mondial Relay requirements; will become part of the company’s Pack Points.


The collection point of this company is also known as Seur Pickup ; offers different benefits for those who wish to be part of its collection points, beyond the corresponding infrastructure.

For your store to become a Seur Pickup, the company requests that a form be sent; in which a series of conditions of the establishment will be evaluated. If the place meets these conditions, the company will approve the site as a collection point.

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