How does Amazon Hub Locker work?

One of the largest and best-known online sales pages is Amazon, and users have no doubt about it, however, now the company wants to go for more. Amazon has created the Amazon Hub Locker, this is a new service that offers users self-service lockers where they can collect their orders themselves , without the need for third parties.

In this way, users who make purchases through Amazon, will be able to withdraw their orders when they want and where it suits them, these lockers are usually located in service stations, shopping centers, restaurants, among others.

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  1. How does Amazon Hub Locker work?
  2. What are the benefits of using this delivery method?
    1. Wide hours
    2. Without tails
    3. No additional costs
    4. Security in your order
  3. How are Amazon Hub Lockers used?
  4. What items are allowed to enter the Amazon Hub Locker?
  5. How to use Amazon Hub Locker as a delivery point for my orders?
    1. Find your nearest Amazon point
    2. Considerations for people with reduced mobility

How does Amazon Hub Locker work?

Amazon Hub Locker is a locker service where you can collect your Amazon purchases at locations close to your area of residence or wherever you see fit. They are lockers without a lock, in which you can search for your order with just the use of a code, which you will receive from Amazon when your purchase is in the Locker.

When your order has been delivered to the box office, you will have three days to collect it , both in shopping centers or restaurants, which work during business hours, and in gas stations or stores that do so 24 hours a day.

What are the benefits of using this delivery method?

Those who have chosen to use the Amazon Hub Locker service have described its functions as beneficial when making a purchase, thanks to the fact that they can withdraw their orders at any time , some benefits are:

Wide hours

The hours in which you can withdraw your order will depend on the place where the locker you chose is located, be it shopping centers, restaurants or service stations. By investigating the opening hours of these sites, you can choose the one that best suits you , whether they are premises that work during business hours, or that work 24 hours a day, just as gas stations do.

Without tails

When you pick up your order at the Amazon Hub Locker, you will not need to wait in lines that take from minutes to hours for your package to be delivered, thanks to the lockers. You just have to go to the Amazon locker, enter the code of your shipment and voila, you will have your package in your hands in seconds.

No additional costs

If you have an Amazon Prime account , this service is totally free for you, so you can make your purchases and without any additional shipping cost. You just have to make your purchase, select your Amazon Hub Locker point and go to pick up your package, without intermediaries.

Security in your order

Thanks to the fact that it does not have intermediaries, your orders will arrive in perfect condition and on time at the Amazon Locker you have chosen. In addition, no one will be able to open the box office where your package is, thanks to the fact that, when it arrives at the Locker, Amazon sends you an Email with the code with which you can withdraw it.

How are Amazon Hub Lockers used?

Using the Amazon Hub Lockers is very simple, just have an Amazon account, either with or without a Prime subscription, however, if you have a Prime subscription, shipping will be completely free.

If you want to use the lockers, you just have to make an online purchase from Amazon, set the destination address to Amazon Hub Locker. When your package has reached its destination, Amazon will notify you by email together with a code, with which you can withdraw your purchase during the hours established by that Amazon Hub Locker.

What items are allowed to enter the Amazon Hub Locker?

Although, in general terms, most of the products available on Amazon are allowed to enter the Amazon Hub Locker, there are some exceptions to consider when making a purchase . One of the main rules for entering a purchase into the Amazon Hub Locker is that it must have been sold or shipped through Amazon.

Other characteristics that your package must have to qualify for this shipping system is that it must weigh no more than 10 pounds and have maximum dimensions of 16x12x14 inches. In addition, the order must not exceed a value of $ 5000 or have hazardous materials , nor can they be shipped from other countries or contain “Launch Day Delivery” or “Subscribe & Save” products.

How to use Amazon Hub Locker as a delivery point for my orders?

Using the Amazon Hub Locker as a delivery point is very simple, in addition to being extremely useful when picking up our order, it is also very easy to use. With this system you will not have to worry if your package will arrive at your home while you are at work or you had to go out, now with Amazon Hub Locker you can look for your package in the closest Locker at the time you want .

Find your nearest Amazon point

Amazon lockers or lockers work very simply, you just have to make your purchase as you normally do and select one of the Locker as the shipping address . To do this, you must first choose your collection point, as follows:

  • To select the Amazon Hub Locker box office that is closest to you, you must go to the official Amazon page and log in, then go to “My Account” and select “Addresses”.
  • Now, you must select “add address” and press the option “Pick up your packages at the collection point that suits you best”, this will open a new tab where it will show you several boxes to fill in.
  • There you can see a drop-down described as “All collection points”, in it you will select the option “Amazon Locker”, so you can choose the ticket office that is closest to you, either by searching for it by zip code, address or point of interest.
  • Once the boxes have been filled in, press the “Search” optionand the platform will show you a list of Amazon Locker located near you, and specified on a map.
  • Once you have chosen the box office that is closest to you, press “Select”, then this address will automatically be added to Amazon as one of those chosen for delivery.

At the end of these steps you will be able to make any purchase and use the Amazon Hub Locker as the shipping address, however, if the selected locker does not appear among the options, it means that your purchase does not meet the necessary requirements.

Considerations for people with reduced mobility

The lockers or lockers of Amazon Hub are designed so that they can be used by people with visual and hearing disabilities , thanks to certain tools it provides. In addition, for people with reduced mobility or who use wheelchairs there is the option to choose the lowest lockers and have a better reach.

On the other hand, you can also choose the Amazon Counter option, which is a service very similar to Amazon Locker, but instead of offering self-service, it offers you an option for assisted collection. This means that, like Amazon Locker, you can select a location to search for it, however, on Amazon Counter a store employee will deliver your package to you.

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