What is Airpower

Airpower is the use of airspace for different purposes. In practical terms, it is the use of airspace as a reflection of a country’s power, whether for political, military, economic or defense of sovereignty.

The term also refers to military aircraft that are part of a country’s Air Force.

The space environment is also part of airpower. It wasn’t always like that, but nowadays it happens, due to the great technological development that exists in the area.

Airpower includes: aircraft, organs and qualified personnel, control and maintenance technologies, the aviation industry and teaching and research establishments in the area.

The use of airpower to protect a country: air defense

Many countries make high investments in their airpower in order to defend sovereignty and protect themselves from possible attacks. Some examples are: United States, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela.

Airpower can be used, for example, when military conflicts or wars occur and its use in operations of this type begins to happen during the First World War.

Airpower in Brazil

In Brazil, airpower only emerged in the 1970s, shortly after the creation of a system responsible for national air defense.

Among the countries that are part of Latin America, Brazil is estimated to have greater airpower. In 2018, the country had approximately 700 warplanes.

The Brazilian Air Force

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) was created in 1941, on the occasion of the creation of the Ministry of Aeronautics and the Department of Civil Aeronautics.

The FAB was created, according to the Federal Constitution, to defend the homeland and constitutional values . The body should assist in the country’s development strategies and in its defense, whenever necessary.

In addition, the FAB has a wide area of ​​expertise in other operations, such as:

  • take care of the defense of Brazilian airspace,
  • participate and organize humanitarian and rescue missions,
  • development of science and technology in aeronautics,
  • control air traffic.

Naval power and land power

In addition to airpower, there are also naval and land powers. The earthly power is the set of military actions taken by land through the armies, such as the Brazilian Army.

Naval power, on the other hand , is the use of military power by sea, carried out by military personnel at bases and on vessels. The Brazilian Navy is the body responsible for the organization and execution of naval operations in the country.

The three powers are part of a country’s armed forces . In Brazil they are: Aeronautics, Army and Navy.


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