What are the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces are national institutions created with the objective of defending the State, democratic institutions and constitutional powers.

The Armed Forces of Brazil are formed by three entities: Brazilian Army, Brazilian Navy and Brazilian Air Force . They are part of the Ministry of Defense, a federal government agency that organizes and controls actions related to defense and security in Brazil.

In addition to the Ministry, there is another body responsible for organizing Armed Forces operations: the Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMCFA). The agency plans the activities developed jointly by the Army, Navy and Air Force.

The Federal Constitution establishes that the Armed Forces are permanent and are under the authority of the President of the Republic.

Coat of arms of the Armed Forces of Brazil: Army, Navy and Air Force.

What is the role of the Armed Forces?

As we have seen, the role of the Armed Forces is to act in defense of the country’s interests and security . Some examples of these advocacy activities are:

  • protect national territory and borders,
  • actions to preserve Brazilian sovereignty,
  • projects and actions to protect the environment and natural resources,
  • taking care of citizens,
  • to care for the country’s goods and wealth.

All institutions that are part of the Armed Forces, within their limits and areas of operation, work for the same objective: to protect and guarantee the law and order of the country .

Brazilian army

The Army is the ground arm of the Armed Forces. It acts in defense of the country’s land borders to guarantee sovereignty.

Some of the Army’s functions are:

  • act in peacekeeping missions,
  • develop social assistance and health service actions in communities located in remote regions,
  • protect the environment,
  • act in educational programs for the general population,
  • develop actions necessary to carry out other activities in different sectors.

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Brazil’s navy

The Navy acts in defense of the country at the maritime level, that is, in national waters (both in sea and in river waters).

Some responsibilities of the Brazilian Navy are:

  • protect the environmental wealth of these ecosystems,
  • protect the coastal area of ​​Brazil,
  • promote knowledge about the maritime environment and its natural resources,
  • protect maritime border regions,
  • be prepared to respond to emergency situations at sea in the country.

In addition to the protection functions, the Navy, as well as the Army, can also work on health projects in places that are difficult to access.

Brazilian air force

Like the other institutions of the Armed Forces, the Air Force also works to protect the country. In this case, it protects the territory in the airspace.

Some functions of Aeronautics are:

  • prevent attacks that can occur by air,
  • control or protect the country’s airspace,
  • act in the control and safety of air navigation,
  • inspect and guarantee the control of all national airspace.

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Compulsory military service

In Brazil, military service is mandatory for men when they turn 18 . Upon reaching that age, it is necessary to enlist in any of the organs that are part of the Armed Forces.

When you register, it is possible to inform whether you have a preference for the Army, the Navy or the Air Force. Depending on the availability of vacancies and the candidate’s profile, requests can be fulfilled or denied.

Individuals who are not released after enlistment must serve in the military for a period of twelve months.

Contest for the Armed Forces

Anyone who wishes to pursue a professional career in the Armed Forces, must take a public exam for one of the available careers.

To find out about vacancies, it is necessary to seek information about the competition in the desired area.


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