What Is Aceh Language

The Aceh or achinês ( Basa Aceh / بهسا اچيه ) is an Austronesian language spoken in the territory of Aceh on the island of Sumatra , Indonesia .


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The Aceh language has already used Arabic script in a form then called Jawoë or Jawi which has also been used by the Malay language .

Today, Aceh uses the Latin alphabet for his writing , as does the Indonesian language . However, this writing is used in its own form here briefly informed, as follows [ 1 ] :

  • 16 consonants – those of the Latin alphabet without F, Q, U, V, Z; plus NG, SH and the apostrophe ‘
  • 11 vowel representations – A, E, Ê, Ë, EU, I, O, Ô, Ö, U, Û– some can also be nasal.
  • representations of diphthongs . They all end in “E– IË, EUË, UË, ÉË, IË and can also be nasal.

The sound ‘ɨ’ is represented by ‘I’ and the sound ʌ is represented by ‘ö’. The letter ‘ë’ represents the schwa sound that forms the second half of each diphthong.


Bilingual sign warning of tsunami, in Indonesian and Aceh

The achém phonemes are as follows .

Ache vowels [ 2 ]
Previous Central Later  
oral Nasal oral Nasal oral Nasal  
Closed i ĩ ɨ ɨ̃ u ũ  
Average and ɛ̃ ə ʌ̃ The ɔ̃  
Half-open ɛ ʌ ɔ  
Open The The  

Most vowels are presented in oral + nasal pairs, with only three nasalized medium vowels, while there are twice as many oral medium vowels. / ʌ / is not strictly central, although it is shown here for odd reasons. Similarly, / ɨ / has been represented as a more posterior vowel [ɯ] .

In addition to the monotong vowels shown above, the achém has five oral diphthongs , plus the corresponding nasal ones. [ 2 ]

  • / iə ɨə uə ɛə ɔə /
  • / ĩə ɨ̃ə ũə ɛ̃ə ɔ̃ə /

Hikayat Prang Sabi.

Aceh consonants [ 3 ]
Lip Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n ɲ ŋ
Plosiva pb td c ɟ kg ʔ
Fricative s ʃ H
Approx. w l j
Vibrant r

/ s / is a laminal alveodental. / ʃ / is post-alveolar, but is in the palatal column for aesthetic reasons;


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