The world’s fastest supercomputer Is Going To Be Invented

US scientists say they are introducing a new supercomputer ‘Titan’ next year that will be the world’s fastest computer. At present China has the world’s fastest supercomputer, which Roadrunner_supercomputerwas honored to become the fastest supercomputer in 2010 . In view of the speed with which digital technology is developing, experts say that after a few years, ordinary laptops will be much faster than today’s larger supercomputers and they have more data processing than today’s supercomputers. Will be

The supercomputer was first introduced by Control Data Corporation in the 1960s. However, in the 1980s many more companies also came to this field.Interestingly, microphones of today’s mobile phones are much faster than supercomputers used in this era.In science terms, a supercomputer is a digital machine through which to process data and information very fast. High-speed processing is mostly needed in the fields of nuclear science, weather forecasts, defense and space science.

There is hardly a university in the United States where no supercomputer is installed. Supercomputers of educational institutes are used for the analysis and research work of scientific experiments.A supercomputer is much larger than a normal computer. Until a few decades ago the installation of a supercomputer required a large building and it was heavy. However, as the size of digital devices is shrinking, the power of computers is also diminishing. It can be traced to the fact that nowadays, the power and the power and the speed of a desktop computer that is placed on a desk in your home are much better than those supercomputers of the ’80s that have larger rooms. I was installed.

A typical computer has a microprocessor for processing. Most computers today have microprocessors that have at least two, or four, or more layers. In other words, more than one microprocessor is working on a computer at a time. While supercomputers have the fastest microprocessors in the hundreds, even in the thousands.

In the supercomputer design that American scientists are working on these days, it will have the ability to solve a million trivia questions in one second.Experts say that the world’s fastest supercomputer currently installed in China can solve 25,000 trillion math problems in a second.A simple calculator is the simplest form of computer on which only one question can be solved at a time. While on a normal computer you can open dozens of files and work on them at the same time.

If the performance of a supercomputer is measured on a human capacity scale, the capacity of a new supercomputer can be described as such that it can do so much statistics in a single day that would otherwise amount to a trillion 20 billion people, Have your own calculator, will perform in 50 years.

The $ 10 million supercomputer is being developed for the US Department of Energy, which will be installed in the National Laboratory of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Next year will not only be the launch of the ‘Titan’ supercomputer in the United States, but IBM is also installing a new supercomputer in California’s National Laboratory.

The United States has been a clear leader in the computer field for decades. But in 2010, China withdrew the honor from the United States. Although the honor will be awarded to the United States again next year, experts say that because of the rapid development of computer technology in China and Japan, defending its honor will not be easy for the United State

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