What Is A Universal Language


Can there be a language that makes sense regardless of the conditions of space and time? A phrase like this: “If I leave this pen, it will fall to the ground”, it certainly can make sense to me, but it has none for an astronaut in the cosmos.

The point to be clarified is precisely this: will everything we say about this planet make sense in the universe? Where gravity is lacking and traveling at the speed of light, where energy and matter are always interchangeable, where being and non-being exist quietly, where time is eternal and space is infinite, where the main law of the universe is the perennial transformation of matter, where the vastness of the universe is equal to the depth of our consciousness, how can the meaning of words be the same that we attribute to them on this planet? There may be words that have at least an equivalent meaningto be used regardless of everything? What is the point of seeking an exact definition of words when their meaning, in reality, depends on the conditions of space and time in which they are used?

We cannot give a single definition of “truth” even on this earth: how can we hope to do it in the universe? Everything we say about our historical horizon can be subject to opposite interpretations: so what sense does it make to argue that things will become clearer in the universe?

We cannot think of a universe in a “logical” way. Even now we should not try to define “sensible” propositions related to the truth; or, at least, we should limit ourselves to saying, at the outset, that these are simple interpretations, absolutely non-binding. The claim to “define” something is misleading. At best we could define something in the negative, as apophatic theologians did.

So what is it that allows us to be ourselves by radically changing our conditions of existence? We cannot even say that it is “the impossibility of not telling the truth”, since this would violate our most precious asset, which is freedom of conscience .

On the other hand, it would make no sense to argue that since life in the universe will be completely different from earthly life, it is not worth worrying about being yourself on this planet. There must be necessarily something homogenous and vital for our there that is transmitted from one place to another in a natural . It must be something that goes beyond logic, something sensitive , within everyone’s reach, something emotional or spiritual, which touches energetic, passionate, vibrant strings.

However, it is to be excluded that the truth coincides only with subjectivity : it would be an arbitrary thing and communication would become difficult. There must also be something shared , a sort of common intelligence , to which everyone can freely access, confronting themselves confidently, without something or someone being able to prevent it. There must be the possibility to live an experience in which everyone feels himself, master of his own life, aware of being part of a community of life , to which to freely join and from which, if necessary, to leave just as freely. Why is it not possible to prepare now for this experience of freedom?

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