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Today I want to share with you a research that I am carrying out and that will influence my Online Marketing Strategies in 2020.

Let’s begin!

According to my research, the computer company Mamsys has created an algorithm that calculates the “useful life of the posts”. This algorithm averages the “advertising time” of the content published online. Now those who have known me for some time know that my way of creating web projects has a specific key: to develop the MARKETING ORIENTED website.

And it is precisely this Marketing Oriented philosophy that deeply regulates the way we develop websites that leads to support the importance of having a blog on your website.

The good news is that yet another data-driven computer reality (in this case Mamsys) confirms what I have been saying for many years: the website has an incredible importance .

Now I am a huge supporter of the blog, because if it is also true that paid advertising acts as an accelerator for visibility, we cannot work only as casino players with our advertisements.

On the contrary, an entrepreneur must get used to always thinking strategically in the long term.

“Andrea, what does this mean that we have to abandon short-term strategies, such as national holidays, Valentine’s Day, etc. ??”
Absolutely NOT!

Returning on the duration of the contents published online, this algorithm has compiled a ranking.


  • A blog post has a shelf life of 2 years
  • A post on Pinterest has a shelf life of 4 months
  • YouTube videos has a lifespan of 20 days
  • A post on LinkedIn lasts 24 hours
  • An Instagram post has a useful life of 21 hours Facebook for about 5 hours
  • A tweet on Twitter lasts about 18 minutes.

This is great information to take advantage of!

” Andrea, what does that mean we have to do PINTEREST ??? 
Read on calmly…

UP each entrepreneurial class UP! Francesca Meliota and I realized that there are questions that are repeated, because evidently in the chaos of training you have encountered different and often conflicting philosophies on “how to do” something.
This table also contains a great indication of how often you should publish different types of content and the time it should take to develop each type of content.

Take for example a blog post. This content can last for 2 years. It’s great because it’s a reusable content, but if you want to make it a valuable, lasting content, you need to devote some time and effort to creating it. It will be content that you can use for years.

Personally I have some posts from my personal blog 👉🏻 published in 2009 which are at the top of the first page of Google and which systematically brings us new customers.

You do not believe me? Google search Pay off.

Content that is even searched by Google Home. “Hey google!”. Do you know that new voice device? Here is what will convey future voice search on Google.
His friend Luca Maculan as well as a great applicator of the entrepreneurs system and with great results some time ago sent me an audio in which Google Home replied to him thus starting: “According to the website …” and then continued the answer.

Here you can find Andrea Lagravinese & Luca Maculan in an interesting interview in which they delve deeper into “things done” and RESULTS OBTAINED with the Entrepreneurs System.

For this reason …
… The content of a blog article or a page of the site should not be written hastily.
At the beginning it can also be there, it’s not a big problem, but the more the blog remains alive the more the contents must be deepened. Publish blog posts at regular intervals so you have a supply to choose from to continue reposting in a number of ways. Set a goal of monthly posts and achieve it (even if delegating the copy work to someone you trust).


Pinterest is another great example for anyone who has a business that deals with creative topics or products. Pinterest as well as Instagram has a great focus on images and I must say that more and more I find images from google images from Pinterest when searches revolve around the categories food, retail, creativity, photos, hair & beauty.

With the pins (they 📌are called Pin the Pinterest posts) that are continuously recycled, with a duration of about 4 months, take time and care in the development of pins that will remain relevant.
Use captivating images , highly searchable titles and captions and make sure that the links you are using are the ones that will last for more than a few months.
There is, however, bad news: Pinterest has a big disadvantage on its side, it is not widely used in general.

Attached, an image shows a graph from December 2018 to March 2019 (therefore very recent) where you can see how Twitter is still falling compared to Pinterest.
The truth? To test! Only in this way will you discover the truth.

Social trend chart 2018-2019

social trend graph


The choice of captions, captivating cover images, descriptions, titles and highly searchable tags will be the key to viewing your videos.
It is in fact the 2nd search engine in the world (how strange it is owned by google … 😀)
Publishing regularly on your channel will help urge people who have watched some of your previous videos to follow you so that they can keep up with your latest content.


LinkedIn and Instagram arrive with content that lasts between 21 and 24 hours. This means that you should publish posts every day. Many times people search these sites at least once every 24 hours. All these most recent posts, in the last 24 hours, will be shown to LinkedIn and Instagram users. Once that 24 hour window has passed, your chance to reach them too.

You will have to publish posts every day, 2-3 times a day would be ideal, to be sure that you appear in searches on a regular basis.

Facebook and Twitter have the shortest duration for posts.
Linkedin is still a mystery to many and is used a lot and above all by professionals, freelancers and in general for the corporate world. Frequent publication on this social network could bring you some important connections.


Facebook posts last 5 hours on average (unless a discussion is under the post), while Twitter posts only last 18 minutes. There is such a large amount of content posted on these channels that you will have to struggle to keep up.

I always say that if it were easy …

the point is that it is not easy, it is difficult. It’s a tough game.

Am I wrong or when the going gets tough the tough guys start playing?
The more interest you want, the more you’ll have to publish.

Paying attention to when content expires is a great way to understand how often you should publish posts in various areas and also how much time you should reserve to create each of these contents.

Don’t spend 2 hours creating a tweet that will only go well for 18 minutes. Likewise, spending 20 minutes putting together a blog post that will last for two years is not even a great plan.
Pay attention to where and how you should devote your time to content marketing to maximize your return.

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