The RED is the first color of the rainbow and is believed to be also the first color perceived by the children, the first in which all peoples have given a name. In Latin “rubens” (red) is synonymous with colorful.

Red is the color of the heart and of love, of dynamism and vitality, of passion and sensuality, of authority and pride, of strength and security, of trust in one’s own strengths and abilities.

It is the color of fire, blood, vital impulses and action. Who wears red is without a doubt to notice.

Those who love him are optimistic, determined, impulsive, combative, competitive, passionate, enthusiastic, outgoing, autonomous. He is looking for prestige and wants to dominate, he needs to establish himself professionally. He has a practical intelligence and a spirit of sacrifice.

Red can also be linked to aggression or sexual incontinence.

Red is the color that can move more quickly, keeping the gaze tied to itself.

Exposure to red has been shown to accelerate heart beats, therefore it is indicated for circulatory problems (stasis, chilblains, chilliness, etc.) and stimulates the production of adrenaline. It increases blood pressure slightly. It is very useful in case of melancholy and depression, because it makes people talkative, open, caring, passionate. Very suitable for colds, sore throat, chronic cough and asthma. Very useful to treat partial and total paralysis.

Red has been paired with Mars, the god of war and the red planet, due to its aggressive nature and its association with the color of blood.

In early Christian art the archangels and seraphim were painted red.

The BLUE is the color of silence, calm and tranquility, tenderness, joy of living. It is the color of contemplation and spirituality. It induces quiet, placid and profound satisfaction or adaptation or harmony.

Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. For the Chinese blue is the color of immortality.

It is associated with the geometric shape of the circle, a symbol of the eternal movement of the spirit, a mix of quiet and dynamism.

In a blue room, heartbeats decrease and sensitivity to cold increases, while objects seem smaller and lighter.

The “blue” character is sweet and gentle, tender, romantic, simple and sensitive, he loves nature, animals and children. He has greatness of mind, good faith, naivety and dedication, generally has a youthful appearance, and exudes a strong sense of calm. He appreciates sincerity and honesty, looks for cordial and lasting relationships, loves to study, reflect, is attracted to mystery. He knows how to communicate very well and expresses himself very easily. He is a trustworthy and faithful person. He does very well in intellectual activities. A good companion, understanding and tolerant, affectionate and not at all jealous.

It is a widely used color, from dark blue to marine blue. And, as such, it means the classic, the traditional. Turquoise, however, has an aspect of modernity and liveliness.

Blue also reflects the meaning of cleanliness because it is the color of the water, so its reference to the sky and the sea is immediate: suitable for advertising travel.

Blue is the most important color in the visual perception of safety and solidity.

Alone or associated with white, it has been widely used for brands of products related to finance, banking or transport.

Police and Carabinieri wear blue and light blue uniforms, as is the color of their cars, to give a sense of tranquility, peace and therefore trust.

The GREEN is the color of vegetation, of nature, of spring and rebirth of life itself. It is the color of nature, especially if associated with blue and brown.

Green means strength, perseverance, balance, stability, solidity, constancy and behavior characterized by perseverance.

It is the color of hope, of those who want to grow, establish themselves, command. The choice of green indicates self-esteem.

The “green” person is calm and calm, a lover of stability, of a life without shocks and unexpected events. Very honest, fair and realistic, she wants security and continuity, she is competitive and a bit of a careerist, she has difficulty collaborating with others, she does not disdain to aim for a certain personal affirmation. Having set a goal, he follows it to the end with determination, determination and mental agility. Very efficient and skilled at work, she loves order and cleanliness at home. An intellectual with great morality and common sense.

Green is associated with Venus, goddess of love and fertility.

Sometimes green is also associated with a negative symbolism. It is the color of anger and putrefaction, of poison and envy; in the human body green is a sign of serious illness and death.

Green, at the international level, is the symbol of permission (go to traffic lights), so it is used in sites that advertise plant-based food products, natural products for beauty, etc.

The YELLOW is the color of the sun, gold, of joy, of happiness and fantasy, hot, gay, tonic, dynamic, creative.

It represents optimism, intelligence, wisdom, speech, vivacity, extroversion, lightness, growth.

It refers to the radiance that awakens and gives warmth, to expansion and movement, to freedom and self-development.

Yellow is the color of illumination and redemption. Those who prefer yellow therefore tend to change and search for the new, for liberation from the schemes.

Those who love him have an open, optimistic, extrovert, fun and easy-going, serene and friendly nature. He is excited about life and easily ignites. He is very keen to establish himself and achieve positions of personal prestige, he always looks for new experiences. He needs a full and intense life, he always thinks of the future in a joyful way. He is very convincing, ambitious, vain, courageous but also generous, he must feel important.

The color of jealousy is commonplace.

Together with green it is more easily perceived by the human eye, which manages to distinguish various shades of green and yellow.

Who wears yellow feels good about himself, denotes a strong personality; it is in fact the color associated with the sense of identity, the ego, the extroversion.

Yellow stimulates rationality and the left hemisphere of the brain, improves gastric functions, stimulating digestion and tones the lymphatic system. It stimulates attention and learning, sharpens the mind and concentration. Helps eliminate toxins through the liver and intestines.

L ‘ ORANGE is the color Optimist to the bitter end, the person sincerely and openly. By nature he is cheerful and lively, his attitude is generally bright, positive and energetic. The way of reasoning is simple, clear and linear, very coherent, affable, habitually talkative, outgoing and sociable. He fully appreciates life, always and everywhere expressing courage, spontaneity and good humor, excellent relationships with others. He respects everyone and is endowed with great humanity, he always needs to know and be involved in different interests.

The VIOLA , which arises from a mixture of red and blue, is the color of metamorphosis, of transition, of mystery and magic, preferred by children, pregnant women and the immature personality.

It is the traditional color of mysticism, of spirituality but also of erotic fascination.
Indicates the union of opposites, suggestibility.

It is the color of art, fantasy, dream, altruism and healing.

It is synonymous with dignity and nobility, intelligence, prudence, humility and wisdom.

The “purple” character is somewhat difficult with opposing and irreconcilable tendencies. He needs to feel free, he wants to fascinate, he generates sympathy and admiration everywhere. He is very helpful and communicative, possesses great humanity, cultivates high-level, cultured and sensitive interests. He wants to help others significantly, he has an inclination for the occult, the magical and the arcane. He has good taste and takes great care of his physical appearance. Refined lover of beauty and art, of an exciting life.

The BROWN corresponds to the feeling of corporeality. The strong need, indifference or rejection towards this hue therefore indicate a precise attitude towards what is bodily and material and towards physical pleasures.

It is the color of the earth, the trunk of the trees, security, love for one’s origins, prudence, patience and tenacity. He longs for the tranquility of the home, emotionally needs a stable and secure relationship and is looking for a partner who loves the same things.

He is a trustworthy, calm, thoughtful, passive, whole person.

The character is simple and linear, with great fortitude, believes in traditions and does not like novelties too much, has concentration, perseverance, logic, inner wealth and working ability.

The GRAY is the color of perfect neutrality, a no man’s land devoid of life. Those who choose it tend towards distance and not involvement.

It is the color of fog, shadow and twilight, elegance and distinction.

It indicates uncertainty, purity, frankness, sensitivity, superficiality and lack of self-esteem.

Intelligence is remarkable, but it has an inflexible character and tends to judge others severely.

Lonely, he tries to keep away from the confusion, a little introverted, he may seem cold, unapproachable and unfriendly, shy and closed, he is afraid to face life.

He fears the unexpected and external stimuli, hates compromise and does not accept to get involved, he loves the truth and is full of hope.

The BLACK represents the absolute negation, the “no” radical opposition is the color behind which can express a claim to power.


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