Meaning and symbolism of the color Green

Green color: symbol of perseverance and knowledge

The green color symbolizes perseverance and superior knowledge and in the light spectrum it is placed between the yellow color and the blue color .

Meaning of the color Green

This color exudes a sense of balance , compassion and harmony. It transmits love for everything related to the natural kingdom by promoting the right contact with the laws of nature and with respect for traditions. In addition to having a calming effect, this color instills a sense of justice and greatness of mind. It also confers tenacity and perseverance in following one’s own projects. In contrast, Green creates a kind of resistance to change. Result of the combination of the colors Blue and Yellow  this color also represents the tension. This is the result of the sense of quiet emanating from Blue and the energy infused by Yellow.

It is the color of the ego, of hope , of vitality. Green is the color of nature , the plant world, fertility and abundance. The color Green also represents the accumulated energy not external, often leading to excessive self-control and the need to dominate both people and events. Those who prefer this color tends to exalt themselves by feeling superior to others.

Furthermore, those who love this color are characterized by the continuous desire to make a good impression and impress. He does not accept changes in his ways of acting since, feeling the best, adaptation to others would demean him in his high self-esteem. Conservative and habitual, those who choose Green often feel insecure by showing fragility towards themselves.

Whoever refuses this color is constantly suffocated by the grip of obligations and feels compelled to perform actions and do what he does not want. He often feels frustrated because he believes he does not live up to his high expectations.

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