What is a scorner?

Scoffer is a scoffer, a person without respect, who speaks malicious things. Scoffers speak ill of other people, without worrying about the harm they may be causing. The believer should not be scornful.

It is not good to ridicule and treat others with contempt. The scoffer feels superior and likes to make fun of other people ( Proverbs 21:24 ). But scoffing can hurt other people. They may feel inferior, devalued, insulted, angry …

The Bible says that we should not join in mockery ( Psalm 1: 1 ). Many scoffers make fun of God and have no respect for anything. It may seem harmless at first, but it is not a good idea to promote this habit.

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What does the Bible say about scoffers?

The Bible says that scoffers will receive punishment. Those who mock are foolish and will reap the fruit of their words. God mocks mockers ( Proverbs 3:34 ). The scoffer does not find wisdom, because he respects nothing ( Proverbs 14: 6 ).

How can we avoid the “scorners’ wheel” (or scoffers)?

Even among believers, we can find “scorner wheels”, where some people make fun of others. So the solution is not to be completely isolated. But we can take some steps to avoid falling into this error:

  • Change the subject– when conversation turns to mockery
  • Warn– say that you don’t think this type of conversation is right
  • Leave the conversation– when people won’t stop scoffing, it’s better to go

Even being careful, we can fall into the error of mocking other people. When this happens, it is important to ask God for forgiveness (and the person, if you are hurt). God forgives those who repent and helps them to live differently, rejecting sin ( 1 John 1: 9 ).

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