What does the Bible say about witchcraft and sorcery?

The Bible says that witchcraft and sorcery is a sin . We must not get involved with evil spirits or ask for their help. God cannot be controlled by spells.

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft, also called witchcraft (which includes macumba, candomblé and several other practices) is the use of the supernatural to manipulate people or events. It may involve invoking spirits, consulting the dead, and casting spells (or “doing jobs”). When a person practices witchcraft, he is involved with demons, often disguised as good spirits. It may seem harmless but it is very dangerous because it is putting yourself under the power of the devil. There are no good demons, they all work for the devil and their goal is to destroy ( John 10:10 ).

In witchcraft, a distinction is usually made between good magic and bad magic. But, according to the Bible, there is no “good magic”. All magic is bad, because it is a wrong spiritual influence. God abhors all sorts of witchcraft.

The Bible makes it very clear that we should not engage in witchcraft in any way ( Deuteronomy 18: 10-13 ). It is also notorious the lack of information in the Bible about the practices of sorcerers in those times, because the authors did not even want to keep their memories for anyone to do again!

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We either serve God or we serve the devil. Whoever practices witchcraft is under the devil’s rule. But God is much more powerful than the devil and destroyed his power when he sent Jesus to die on the cross ( Hebrews 2: 14-15 ). If you are involved in some kind of witchcraft and want to leave, just accept Jesus as your Savior and the only Lord of your life, rejecting all the work of the devil.

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Can the Christian be affected by a spell?

No, if you don’t let it affect you. As children of God, we have every authority to reject the influence of the devil in our lives ( James 4: 7 ). If you discover that someone has cast a spell against you, reject your power and rest easy, God is greater than any wizard or wizard and is protecting you. Pray also for the person who did this, asking them to come to know Jesus ( Luke 6:28 ). That person is in far more danger than you are.

What is the difference between spell and prayer?

The spell wants to manipulate the spirits to reach an end, prayer is a humble request to God. Both appeal to a supernatural force, but the spell is a business – I do it or pay it and the spirit does what I want (but in the end the demon always wins and I lose). When people pray to God, we recognize that we cannot control or manipulate Him. If what we ask is His will, then He does, without asking for anything in return ( Ephesians 3: 20-21 ). Unlike the devil, God wants and can bless and help us.

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