What is a pager deaf?

A deaf pager is a communication device intended for use by deaf or completely deaf people. Many deaf people refer to more advanced devices that they use as a pager instead of phones, although the device may have a speech function because they only use these devices for text. While pagers were once valuable only for very short messages, some also limited to numbers, advanced pagers can now communicate large blocks of text, images, videos or even. Rapid long distance communications on the move was once difficult for deaf people, but pagers and other text sending technologies provide many of the same benefits that cell phones provide for hearing.

While a deaf person, without a TTY laptop, or a text phone, might not benefit from an alphanumeric pager, a two-way pager with text capability is very useful for deaf people. Some of the main problems with this mode of communication, however, are that it is limited to other people with pagers and that it cannot be used to make emergency calls. Real pagers that are not designed for text messaging or other phone use are always somewhat rare given the improved function of several smart phones.

Many deaf people rely on a smart phone like a deaf pager. An important problem with using a cell phone in this way is that the keyboard cannot be large enough to communicate well. For young people, this isn’t usually a problem, given the degree of technological common sense they usually possess. Older users who are unfamiliar with small keyboards may not quite as well and may choose to use a keyboard that connects to the phone.

Pagers sono importanti per le persone sorde non solo per la comunicazione, ma anche come allarmi e servizi di notifica così. Un pager può essere utilizzato per informare l’utente che un allarme incendio o altro dispositivo di emergenza sta andando fuori o possono essere utilizzati per fornire informazioni meno essenziale, come un promemoria per fare qualcosa. Molti genitori ritengono che dare un bambino sordo un cercapersone offre maggiore tranquillità quando il bambino è lontano.

An interesting side effect of the popularity of the deaf pager is that it uses a communication mode that is very popular among hearing communities as well. Text messaging, email and text chat are all the most common and popular communication methods. It is possible that, particularly among young people, the deaf pager can foster strong friendships and allow easy contact. As these technologies continue to improve and become more widespread, the world will begin to see the social implications of the deaf pager on deaf communities.

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