What happens when you report spam on WhatsApp

Faced with the detection of spam in the chats, the WhatsApp technical service chooses to provide a protection of privacy, in each of its users, by sending complaints, which lead to an immediate blocking of the attacking account with the so that the user does not receive any more spam messages.

There the attacking account goes through an investigation process, and in the event that the violation of the conditions of use is verified, the application takes additional measures and even suspends the account in question.

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  1. What is the meaning of ‘Spam’ within WhatsApp technical support?
  2. How does the report of ‘Spam’ in WhatsApp proceed once it is made?
  3. How can you know if your WhatsApp account has been reported?
  4. What can you do to remove the spam report from your WhatsApp account?
  5. What is the way in which a WhatsApp profile can be reported?

What is the meaning of ‘Spam’ within WhatsApp technical support?

Technical support assigns the meaning of spam to messages that include malicious content , which the attacker sends in order to obtain personal information through your smartphone. WhatsApp spam comes in all shapes and sizes, from online scams to phishing attempts to fake advertisements.

There are some criteria to determine that a message is spam, and among them are grammatical and spelling errors , as well as the excessive use of emojis; coupled with messages with suspicious links, which are really used to get your access data and your financial information.

The latter in particular has two objectives, the first is to get you to open the link and the second is to get you to forward the message to continue spreading it. Frequently forwarded messages can also be considered spam , you can identify them by looking at a double arrow icon instead of a simple arrow at the top right of the screen.

Another form of spam found on WhatsApp is false ads , where they assure you that you will receive some kind of reward or try a new function of the application, because with this they increase web traffic, which generates more money with advertising. .

These messages may request requests to verify your identity or that you pay for the application, at this point it is important to highlight that you will never receive real authentication messages or payments through WhatsApp. Thus, if none of these criteria are met, the application will not take action against the attacker as it does not consider the message spam.

How does the report of ‘Spam’ in WhatsApp proceed once it is made?

Once the complaint is made, the WhatsApp application proceeds to temporarily block the attacker while checking the most recent messages that the user received, as well as the interactions made in a short period of time.

Then, it verifies that the messages meet the aforementioned criteria, to make the decision whether to suspend the account or unblock it, if it comes to consider that the attacker lacks the conditions of use of the service, it suspends the account without notification, and the contact is banned by so you will not be able to use the application again with that number.

How can you know if your WhatsApp account has been reported?

The moment your account is reported, you enter into a suspension process, so WhatsApp, in addition to suspending you, will restrict the use of the application, which is why you will not be able to access the chats again until your account be unlocked.

This will take place indefinitely, since it can be a temporary or permanent suspension, in these cases a message will appear that says ‘Your phone number is suspended on WhatsApp’.

What can you do to remove the spam report from your WhatsApp account?

You cannot do something about it as there is nothing like an effective method to bypass the blocking of your WhatsApp contact . It only remains to wait for the application to proceed with the complaint and carry out the pertinent actions.

The most you can do is contact the technical service , fill in the form that appears there and explain the detailed situation with all the information you consider important. Or also click on the ‘Support’ button that appears next to the suspension message, in the same way, this does not ensure that you can remove the report for spam.

In the last case that WhatsApp does not give you an answer with the user’s report, you must assume that the suspension is definitive so you will have to register again in the application with another contact number, because your account will have been obsolete, with the chats and blocked information.

What is the way in which a WhatsApp profile can be reported?

There are two types of profiles that can be blocked and reported on WhatsApp , and they are individual contacts and groups , in the first case, when you receive a message that you consider malicious or you classify as spam from a contact, you should go to open the menu of the chat where the three vertical dots are located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then, select where it says ‘More’, there you should get ‘Report’ in the first option, you sink it, and you have already made the complaint. If the contact is not scheduled, the same chat gives you the options at the bottom of ‘Report, Block or Add to contacts’.

Or you can get in direct contact with technical support in the ‘Settings, Help and Contact’ route, fill out the form they offer you with your data, and detail the situation you went through, with as much information as possible.

In the second option, to report the entire group, you can do it by pressing the icon of the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, there you select ‘Group information’, which appears in abbreviated form as ‘Info.’, Then you go to the ‘Report’ button.

Once clicked, a pop-up window will open, with a box that will contain the following options ‘Report that contact as Spam, you want it to be blocked from the phone’ and with that, they also give you to choose if you want to delete the entire conversation between the two .

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