What does vip do on twitch

What does vip do on twitch.A VIP member in a streamer’s community has a special individual recognition. The streamers can assign VIP badges to regular viewers, friends or followers of the stream.

What does vip do on twitch

Who are the vips? They are people with an important role in the community of a streeamer. As explained from Twitch itself, they are “valuable members of the community .” For this reason, they are given a special emblem and can have a number of advantages. Different streamers can have up to ten VIPS slots at the beginning but can unlock more as they grow and have more individual participants in the chat. What allows VIP users is to speak in the chat regardless of the chosen modes, participate in the chat without being affected by the limits established for the frequency of messages or post links in a chat even if this option is blocked or deactivated.

VIPs receive an emblem but it is an emblem that you cannot customize, unlike others. You should also bear in mind that vips are not affected by some chat options, as we have said, but they can be “moderated” by the moderators of the Twitch channel regardless of their privileges.

You can choose the vips you want and it is a way of giving recognition to members of your community who are always there in every live show, in every broadcast. You must bear in mind that you cannot be a VIP or a moderator but you must be one or the other. The vips can be subscribers and vip s and will have both emblems or it can be that a user is vip and editor but not vip and moderator.

See who ranks on your Twitch channel

  • Open Twitch
  • Tap on your photo in the upper right corner
  • Open the menu and all the options will appear
  • Choose “Creator Control Panel”
  • Once here, go to the menu on the left side of the screen
  • Choose the option “Community”
  • Open the different menus
  • Choose “Function manager”

Once here, we will see a screen in which all the members of the Community appear and you will be able to see who has what. You can sort by functions, by username or by last modification. You can also filter so that all moderators or all editors appear, as you need.

VIPS can talk without suffering the effects of slow mode, subscriber-only chat, or followers only. They can also put links in the chat when they are disabled. However, VIPS are not immune from moderators and must follow the chat rule.

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