How to access all games on Google Maps

Google Maps is an essential application where we can look up the price of gasoline, know how to get somewhere anywhere or even see when restaurants, shops or museums open. But beyond that, there are many Google Maps games that we can enjoy using maps from all over the world. To find out where Santa Claus is, to find Wally or to know which exact place that appears on the screen is. Beyond being useful, it is a fun tool with which we can have a good time using the browser.

When it comes to finding Google Maps games we can differentiate between two different types. The games launched by Google’s own service on special occasions and temporarily or games that use Google Maps as a tool to function, such as the classic GeoGuessr. Here we will talk about the two types of games that we can find and which are some of the most popular.

Google Maps Games

Google temporarily activates some games in its maps application. Generally we can only use them for a few hours and it usually coincides with April Fool’s Day on April 1 and April Fools’ Day in the United States and other countries. Although we can no longer play with them, we will tell you what they were like or when they were activated.

Where is Wally?

In April 2018, Google Maps announced one of the games that allowed us to find Wally, the famous character with the striped shirt that you have surely looked for in stories at some time. In order to play, you simply had to say “Ok Google, where’s Wally?” and it would begin to hide on the Google Maps map, where we must locate it. Each time, in addition, it will be more difficult.

Mario Kart

IN March 2018, Google Maps allowed us to turn our “puppet” from the maps application into Mario Kart himself. It was available as an Easter egg in the iOS and Android application and was intended to pay tribute to the game that would arrive on phones only a few months later. To make it appear, we simply had to update the application and click on the yellow question mark button. Thus, the arrow would automatically become the kart of the most famous plumber in video games. Like most Google Maps games it was only available for about twelve to thirteen days.

Pacman on Google Maps

In 2017 and on the occasion of April Fool’s Day, Google turned its map into a board of the mythical game PacMan. Available for iOS and Android applications, we could turn the map into a board in which to move around to escape the ghosts.


Like the classic Pacman, we could also play Snake in the year 201 9 by choosing the type of snake you wanted to use and turning it into a specific vehicle such as the classic London bus or a Sydney train. The mission was exactly the same as in the usual game and was activated from the side menu of the mobile application.

Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker is not as such one of the Google Maps games but one of the tools that the Mountain Viewers use every Christmas to tell us where Santa Claus is and how far he has to go. The website is enabled all year round with a counter of days, hours and minutes left for Santa Claus to arrive in your city. There are different games and activities for children on the website, but it is precisely in the month of December when we can follow the route of Santa Claus, where he is at all times or how long he has left to get to our house.

There are also games, drawings, videos, activities. We can create an elf, enter the programming laboratory or play ball fighting games, draw … It is not so much a Google Maps game as such but a Christmas themed website designed for children who are waiting for their gifts.

Games using Google Maps

Using the maps and satellites of Google Maps there are popular games on the Internet of all kinds. From the best known and that you have surely seen, GeoGuessr, to others more unknown but with which you can also have a good time glued to the screen.


You may have seen it on youtubers, on Twitch or even on television shows. It came almost a decade ago and it’s a game that uses Google Street View locations so you have to guess where that spot is. To play you may need to register (and some modes, like Challenge mode, need to pay for a pro or premium account) but it will take a few seconds to enter an email and password. When you’re ready, tap on “Play.” You can choose to play around the world, in famous places or locations or in Spain if you want to make it easier. Tap on “Play” and confirm with “Start Game”.You can use the Google Street View controls to find out where you are. You mark it on the map and you will see the meters or kilometers of difference with respect to the point. You will know how many meters you have made a mistake.

GeoGuessr now puts less limitations if we want to continue playing for hours and hours because you will need to pay for it. However, you can play one game a day with five different rounds. If you want more, it has a price of 1.99 euros per month with annual payment or 2.99 euros per month if you decide to pay month to month. With a free trial of ten days in both cases and with the possibility of playing Battle Royale, playing against friends, not having ads and even creating your own maps to find out where the city or “piece of city” is.


This website uses Google maps to send you to random places in the world. You can visit it directly by driving the arrows on the web but you can also see the exact location on the map or you can touch the magnifying glass to search for information. For example, it can send you to any monument or place in the world and you can discover more about it in addition to seeing it through Street View and Google cameras.


MapsTD is a tower defense game that uses Google Maps. Although the most common is that this type of titles use fantasy or even medieval elements, here it takes us to the real world and the city where you live. You will have to choose where you want to put your defense towers and you will have to prevent the enemy from making the route to the place you want to defend. You will go through the round and get points to place new defense towers.

2D Driving Simulator

As its name suggests, this is a simulator in which you can drive a car using Google Maps maps. You can drive anywhere , it allows you to choose some circuits and you can drive along the avenue des Champs-Elysées or through Las Vegas.


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