What does Apple really want from the iPad?

Apple says iPadOS 15 is great. The world’s best tablet operating system that’s just got better. The best because there are simply no other operating systems specifically for tablets in the world . You won’t mind. But with the fact that it has become significantly and really better, those who believed that it would turn the iPad into a full-fledged computer will definitely not agree. Apple did not follow through on its promise. Specifically, in this version, by the way, Apple did not promise anything of the kind. But the 2017 video, without which these expectations would not have been so massive, was filmed according to her script, with her money. This is just such a promise. But three years later, the iPad, like then, is still not a computer. Even the iPad Pro. Does Apple remember its promise?

This is not the iPadOS update we expected

On June 12 this year, Apple released a promotional video “iPad. Why is your next computer not a computer, ”repeating the same promise. And what, we calm down and wait another three years? Why is Apple still failing to make iPadOS so that after installing it, the iPad can actually replace the computer? Either Apple engineers are bad, or we don’t understand what the company wants from the iPad and iPadOS.

What does Apple really want from the iPad?

The same as from all other platforms and services of the company. Money. Apple exists on the money of its shareholders. Shareholders invest in it to generate income. Apple’s commitment to making the iPad an indispensable tool for professionals is understandable. Investors are not embarrassed by the company’s thoroughness and slowness in realizing this aspiration. They are not in a hurry with this – that means it should be. And the iPad (and its operating system) is already taking off without it.

iPads sell very well without revolutionary operating system updates

IPad revenues have also increased, as is known from Apple’s official announcements. Best selling is “just an iPad,” prices for which start at $ 329 (RUB 29,990 in Russia). 56% of iPads sold in 2020 were 7th and 8th generation tablets. In second place is the iPad Air, accounting for 19% of total iPad sales. The insanely expensive iPad Pro has 18%. In pieces. The remaining 7%, apparently, belongs to the iPad mini. The operating system in all these iPads is iPadOS… The offensive should be developed in those areas where the greatest success is planned. And the vast majority of iPads (even iPad Pro) are bought as the ideal device for information consumption. And partly, secondly, as a tool for its creation. But we will not go into details. iPads bring in huge revenue, the rest is lyrics. Therefore, Apple does not even make sense yet to invent something completely new in iPadOS. Sad.

What’s wrong with iPadOS?

Looking at the list of changes in iPadOS, it gets sad

In the fall of 2020, a former Apple employee anonymously told a media outlet about this year’s iPadOS version. According to the anonymous author, he had recently left the unit that developed iOS and iPadOS. iPadOS 14 was disappointing, lacking even many of the innovations introduced in iOS 14 . People wanted to know why. Anonymous said what people wanted to hear: 2020 was the year of iOS, 2021 would be the year of iPadOS.

Full file system, true multitasking like in macOS, full support for external monitors and more. It was expected that all this would be correctly and with pinpoint accuracy inscribed into the tablet operating system. No one could imagine how this could be done, but they believed that Apple was capable of it. Instead, Apple has added last year’s iOS innovations to iPadOS , creatively tweaking them for larger screens.

The Files application was radically improved, but I wanted more (which I wrote about above). While the essence of multitasking in iPadOS 15 remains the same, its interface has been brought into full compliance with Apple’s requirements. Just now. One request from the programming community was met. Transformed the Swift Playgrounds learning app into a “complete developer tool”. With access to all libraries and programmer interfaces. Apps developed in Swift Playgrounds for iOS and iPadOS can be hosted in the App Store . According to Craig Federighi, this is a development environment for both true professionals and those for whom programming is a hobby. Perhaps this is the best solution. But the indignation of the developers is understandable, they are offered a program for schoolchildren . Sounds awful, but as it is.

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