What iOS 15 features won’t appear on older iPhones

iOS 15, which was announced a week ago at WWDC 2021, was hardly a landmark update. Apple deliberately structured the presentation so that it literally talked about nothing for almost an hour. Because most of the innovations included in iOS 15, at best, dragged on some kind of pass-through patch, but not on an iterative update. Then, however, Apple redeemed itself a little, revealing a number of new features that it did not immediately reveal. The only pity is that most of the above will not appear on older devices.

Not all iOS 15 innovations will be available on all iPhones.

Older devices in this case are iPhones and iPads powered by the A11 Bionic processor or older. That is, the new ones include the iPhone XS and XS Max and newer, as well as the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro 2018 and newer. For them, the innovations presented below will be available, but for owners of devices that came out before them, they will no longer.

IOS 15 features only for new iPhones

FaceTime portrait photography will only be available on iPhones with A12 chip and newer

  • Spatial sound in FaceTime;
  • FaceTime portrait mode;
  • Interactive Globe in Apple Maps;
  • Walking routes with the effect of presence in Apple Maps;
  • The function of scanning the text Live Text in “Photo”;
  • Visual search for information by photographs;
  • New animated screensavers in the Weather application;
  • Speech processing strictly on the device (including dictation and voice commands);
  • Virtual keys to smart locks in the Wallet app.

В приложениях на iOS 15 появится кнопка запроса возврата средств за покупки

As you can see, the list of innovations turned out to be quite impressive, especially considering that there will be quite a few devices that will not receive them. However, there are at least three new features in iOS 15 that no Apple device other than the iPhone 12 will receive.

Almost all of the iOS 15 exclusives for the iPhone 12 are about 5G

  • Panoramic shooting0. In this mode, the method of image capture is improved, distortions are eliminated and the processing of objects in the frame is improved, as well as the amount of noise and other shortcomings is reduced.
  • Enhanced 5G capabilities. From now on, with a 5G connection, backups, audio and video streaming, photo syncing, Apple News + updates, and App Store updates and apps will be downloaded over 5G networks.
  • Preference for 5G over Wi-Fi. With the release of iOS 15, 5G-enabled iPhones will be able to forcefully continue using cellular data without connecting to Wi-Fi networks as long as they are slower than 5G.

IOS 15 issues

In all fairness, the iOS 15 exclusive features Apple has provided for the iPhone 12 are understandable. Still, 5G support is absent on earlier models, and therefore it is logical to develop this technology on newer ones. But, as for the rest of the innovations, which in Cupertino made the property of only conditional models, then I have questions.

Apparently, Apple just wanted to highlight the attractiveness of the new iPhone models.

In my opinion, it is completely illogical to restrict the owners of the 2017 iPhone and older models in access to such features as portrait photography, which they were already equipped with, immersive pedestrian routes, or, say, a globe, which is generally processed on Apple servers, and only the finished result is transferred to the user’s device.

But, apparently, Apple has its own idea of ​​which chips can be trusted by the owners of old iPhones, and which ones cannot. After all, a week ago, she already did the impossible, extending support for the iPhone 6s for a sixth year, which she usually preferred not to do. So maybe we can give her a discount for this? After all, the very fact of the release of iOS 15 for a smartphone will allow you to use it for another year and not change it to a new one.


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