What benefits and advantages does ISSSTE have for workers?

If you are a Mexican citizen, you will surely know the ISSSTE institution. In any case, through the following article we will comment on what benefits and advantages does ISSSTE have for workers? , Essential aspects that you should know if you have already started your life at work.

What Benefits and Advantages ISSSTE Has for Workers

What is ISSSTE?

Have you ever wondered what ISSSTE is and how to request an appointment ? When we refer to ISSSTE we speak directly of the so-called Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers , an institution present in the Mexican nation, which fulfills various functions related to the care and safety of citizens.

This company is responsible for much of the social security and health care of Mexican citizens. In this case, the organization is specifically in charge of all those workers of government institutions, that is, of public companies belonging to the State.

This organization is in charge of offering solutions in case of old age, health problems and other issues related to the health of Mexicans. The organization watches over the health of tens of millions of people across the nation. In fact, workers and pensioners can easily make a medical appointment at ISSSTE through the internet in order to facilitate this process.

What benefits and advantages does ISSSTE have for workers?

The ISSSTE organization has many obligations tied to Mexican law, therefore, there are also many benefits provided . In any case, you must understand that these benefits are offered mainly to people who have contributed or are contributing, in other words, direct or indirect members of the ISSSTE system.

ISSSTE benefits

ISSSTE ensures compliance with human rights within the nation and is committed to complying with the following benefits:

  • Medical care for prevention
  • Health care for healing
  • Rehabilitation options in case of accidents or health problems
  • In the same way, it also offers solutions related to conception and motherhood.

ISSSTE benefits and advantages for workers

However, the benefits provided by the organization go far beyond the above, in fact, ISSSTE looks after the health of its users in many other facets, such as:


By entering ISSSTE, the elderly will also be integrated into social security, which will grant them a pension after their work stage, ensuring the minimum conditions necessary for the correct economic development of the elderly person and the person retired for major causes.


All those who are integrated to the system to ISSSTE, will also have access to the so-called loans and mortgage loans . This category of credits is especially responsible for providing options for the reconstruction and construction of homes. For this reason, it is important that public workers know what ISSSTE loans are and their types before requesting this service.

This type of credit is tied to the contributions that begin to be made at the beginning of the working life of the people, for which the more weeks you have listed, you can access higher benefits with the ISSSTE organization.

Therapies for pensioners

Many people are not aware of this, but the ISSSTE also offers occupational therapies, which aim to keep older people active , providing them with a space in which they can function naturally and stay active in every possible area.

ISSSTE pensioners can access different cultural options and various opportunities for dispersal, essential aspects for the correct social development of the elderly.

Large number of insurers

The ISSSTE watches over the health of the nation’s workers and pensioners, for this it has an extensive system of insurers that provide the necessary tools to offer all the services mentioned above.

Currently, the agency has 21 insurers that offer solutions at the health, preventive and also related to retirement, old age and even funeral services, among many other benefits. For all the above reasons, if you are a citizen of the Mexican Republic, without a doubt you should join the ISSSTE.


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