What are the best Apple Arcade games?

Apple launches into the world of mobile games with Apple Arcade , with more than 100 games available to you. If you want to venture into the world of original Apple games and want to start with the best of the best, read today’s topic.

Find out which are the best Apple Arcade games with the topic: What are the best Apple Arcade games? – Enjoy their great games. But first, let’s review a little what Apple Arcade is and some other interesting facts about this platform.

What are the Best Apple Arcade Games? – Enjoy their great games

What is Apple Arcade? – Interesting facts about Apple Arcade

The simplest way in which Apple Arcade can be described is as a subscription video game service provided by the Apple company. That is, by giving a monthly payment fee, you can enjoy a large number of fun video games at your fingertips.

This platform offers a variety of at least 100 different video games , with innovative, entertaining and, above all, very funny themes. Some of the game genres that you can get are: action, adventure, strategy, puzzle, role-playing, among others.

Something you should know is that Apple Arcade does not work in the same way as Project xCloud or Google Stadia (with the cloud). Rather, the platform allows you to download the video games of your choice on your device and then play them at any time.

If you’re wondering if this platform is available in your country, you should know that when it launched in 2019, Apple Arcade was available in 150 different countries. And today, it’s available wherever Apple’s service tools are current .

As for the price, the monthly payment for Apple Arcade ranges from $ 4.99 , and by making this payment you will have unlimited access to the entire game billboard. In addition, there are no annoying ads in Apple Arcade and much less in-game purchases.

Notably, Apple Arcade you can enjoy in devices MacBook, iMac, Apple TV , iPhone and iPad in the latest version of iOS.

What are the best Apple Arcade games?

Among the more than 100 games available in Apple Arcade there are a few that stand out as the best. This either because of its graphics, game mechanics, plot, among others, but the truth is that they have been classified by users as “the best”. If you want to know what these are, pay attention to the 5 names that we will mention to you.

  • Sayonara Wild Hea
     the story of this game starts from the moment a girl’s heart is broken and from there, everything is unleashed. In this incredible game you will be able to ride a bike or motorcycles, shoot lasers, use swords, participate in dance fights and break hearts at a speed of 300 km / h .
  • Lego Builder´s Journey: if you are a lover of the world of Legos, then you will like this game a lot and you will certainly have fun. This game is a kind of puzzle with creative levels and a game strategy that you will love. The game dynamics will catch you and the constructions with the Legos will leave you enchanted.
  • Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm – This mind-blowing game has an action-adventure dynamic that cannot be ignored . You can live countless journeys in a world of total fantasy, fighting, puzzles and more.
  • Rayman Mini: This is an ideal game for your whole family to play, as it is a very entertaining game in which you will help the main character in his adventure. This adventure consists of overcoming levels to help the character return to normal size after suddenly he became ant size.
  • LEGO Brawls: repeating in this list the Lego franchise. You should not underestimate this game, since what is most striking about it is that it is multiplayer (at least 8 participants). The hilarious plot, the good graphics, the Lego theme and the multiplayer option make this game very good and ideal for you to have a lot of fun.

These are the 5 best games that you can find and enjoy in Apple Arcade, so that you can play whenever you want very easily.


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