How to Open a TMP File Extension

Have you ever wondered what is a TMP file or how to open a TMP file extension on my Windows PC easily ? If so, we recommend that you read the following guide where we will explain what these types of documents are and if there is the possibility of opening them.

What is a file with a TMP extension?

Files with the TMP extension refer to temporary documents that are used by the operating system for different tasks. In most situations, these files come from Windows installations and operations.

One of the characteristics of this type of document is that they are usually deleted after a certain time after a restart of the computer. Given this, it is fair to point out that a file with this extension is rarely of interest to the user. However, there is an option that is to recover TMP files not saved in Photoshop in case you need them for a particular project.

In any case, files with a TMP extension can also belong to active downloads. Given this, they could represent something of utility or interest and although it is not the most common, it would not hurt to try to open this type of document.

How to Open a TMP File Extension on My Windows PC Easily

Understanding the nature of files with this extension, it is fair to point out that a file in TMP could be of any type. Given this, it is necessary to know the origin of the document in order to open it properly.

In most circumstances, TMP files are system files, but they can also be text documents. Therefore, it is possible to open them with Windows Notepad, although you can replace Notepad with another text editor in Windows . With the name of the file you can get a clue about the nature of the content to choose the right program.

Also, it is possible that the files with the TMP extension belong to a program or application, so it will not be possible to open them. The nature of a TMP file will depend on what was downloaded, as temporary files respond to files from downloads or installations.

The truth is that in many circumstances a file with a TMP extension cannot be opened because it is part of a running application or some element that the system is working with. In any case, you can use the following applications to open these types of files.

Applications to open TMP files

In most cases, the files in TMP format correspond to documents used by the operating system; therefore, they are rarely useful or interesting files for the user.

Even so, certain basic applications can be used to find the nature of a specific file in TMP format. Please try the following applications to open documents with the TMP extension.

  • Windows Image Viewer: In case you have a document with a TMP extension and it is an image, the Windows Image Viewer may be the best option. This program is compatible with most image formats. It is recommended when choosing this alternative to update the Windows image viewer to take full advantage of this tool.
  • Media player: if you consider that the file with a TMP extension you want to open is an audio file, you should try a media player provided by your operating system or any other that you deem appropriate.
  • Notepad: many times the temporary files of the system correspond to texts. Therefore, by using a word processor you should be able to open them. Given this, we recommend the basic Windows notepad, since it works wonderfully for this type of task.


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