What Are Initiatives

What are meant by ‘initiative’ and “Initiation”? These two words have different meanings, although they seem to be the same. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the initiative is to make the first step in trying something. In other words, initiative is a form of self-awareness of an individual who thinks that he must do something to meet his needs or fulfill a thing. While the initiation is a ceremony or test that must be undertaken by people who will become members of an association, tribe, age group, and so on. Initiating means to formalize. In this article, we discuss about INITIATIVES, which are very important in the world of work.


“If you work you must always take the initiative” or “If you want to be a successful person, you must take the initiative to take positive steps”. Maybe Career Advice colleagues have heard the two statements above before. An example of a simple initiative, when I was a child, I had a fight with my oldest sister. For two days we did not greet each other, until finally I took the initiative to greet and apologize to my sister, and our relationship was warm again as before.


In the world of work and business, this initiative is also very necessary, you know! Why? Because often the tasks and work that piles up makes us forget about something, which may be realized by others around us. The attitude of the initiative really needs to be owned by everyone so that the interaction process can run well.


Examples of Initiatives

Examples of initiatives in the world of work, for example, my office is making large-scale events every year. Because there are too many things and work that I and the team members do, I am reminded of something that was forgotten by other team members, and this is very important.


No one talked about the transportation we would use to go to the location of the event. Finally, I took my own initiative to discuss this when the work meeting took place. At the same time, I also tried to contact a contact I could call to rent transportation on the day of the event.


Try to imagine if no one wants to take such an initiative? Maybe everyone will be doomed on the day of the event. Especially if the goods to be brought and prepared at the event are very many.


In another scenario, taking the initiative is very useful to deal with a failure. Often things do not go as we planned and hoped. But life must go on, right? One of the most effective ways to deal with failure is to take the initiative by thinking of other options that can be used to replace previous plans that have failed.


How to Become Someone Who Initiates

So, what is the way for us to be someone who likes to take the initiative? Good collaboration between ourselves and the environment around us is needed, so that we can take the initiative without being overly encouraged by others. Later, the nature of this initiative will also make it easier for us to become an independent person. Here are the things we can do.


1. Trying to Create a Supporting Environment.

People can be brave in taking the initiative because of the environment that supports them to do it. Whether we realize it or not, there are some situations in an environment that do not support a person taking the initiative. For example, they assume that someone who takes the initiative to do something or gives an aspiration is considered as an impolite individual.


This is all related to culture or values ​​that are embedded in an environment. That is why we encourage fellow readers to try to create an environment that supports each member to take the initiative. If the initiative taken is for good, why should it be banned?


Creating a supportive environment can be done by asking ideas from other team members. By opening ‘doors’ like this, each member will encourage themselves to take initiatives that are useful for the company’s future.


2. Occasional walks out of the office.

An idea will lead us to the initiative. Indirectly, an initiative will not be carried out without an idea. Now if we want to train ourselves to be someone who likes to take initiative, then we need to approach activities that are fun and happy so that our brains are smooth in thinking and getting bright new ideas.


How to? Stop working too hard, to the point of having to eat lunch in front of a laptop and continue the work. Stop working so hard that you have to work on weekends and lose many precious moments with your loved ones.


Try to make an appointment with all our team members and go out for a weekend. For example, playing paintball with the team, or going on a picnic together. When we relax our body and mind, ideas will come, and initiative will work.


3. Got an Idea? Carry out the Initiative!

These initiatives can come in various forms in our lives. It can come in the form of ideas, it can also be in the form of empathy or sympathy. So, there is a turmoil within us to take an action from what we feel in the heart and mind.


If we have got an idea, then don’t delay it anymore. Come on, let’s just execute it! When a company leader praises his employees for helping their injured coworkers during outbound activities, other employees will realize that having ideas, empathy and sympathy is not enough. But, we need to express it with an action.


From this incident, other employees will realize that taking the initiative is very important.


4. No Need to Postpone an Initiative.

Still related to the third point above, an initiative was taken to avoid a delay . We need to remember that a good plan today will be better than a perfect plan tomorrow.


So when fellow readers have a good initiative, then don’t delay this matter again, just execute. Let us take one example, if there is one employee whose asthma is recurring, do we need to delay the initiative to take him to the hospital tomorrow? Of course not. Initiative is a quick treatment to avoid other risks.


5. Motivate Each Other to Keep Initiative.

To be able to take initiatives continuously, we need strong motivation at regular intervals. That’s why we need to motivate one another, so we always have ideas to take good initiatives.


In addition to motivating each other, allow ourselves to bring one or several items that can make us more motivated at the office. For example, family photos, motivational quotes posted on the office desk, writing life’s vision and mission and making it as wallpaper on a laptop.


6. Initiatives will lead us to history.

Let’s see the previous people whose names are so fragrant in history. Light bulbs and lighting would not exist at this time, without the initiative of Thomas Alva Edison . The inventors of the things we use now have proven that ‘initiative’ is an important thing that we need to have in life.


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