Busy and productive are two words that have different meanings. There are many people who misinterpret these two words. They spend a lot of time, but do not approach their goals. Being busy does not mean being productive. Busyness will only spend a lot of time and make us depressed. Basically, we cannot do everything and respond to everything too. Busyness only makes us feel that everything moves quickly and becomes very productive. In reality, that didn’t really happen.


Busy means to focus more on quantity or quantity, not quality. Surely this is an act of wasting valuable time. Busyness is not a great trick that can help get work done. Busyness only makes us feel like we’ve done a lot of things. But in reality, we only finish a little. For that, we need to be productive at work. High work productivity is the key to success that can lead us to achieve our goals. When we become productive, it means we are able to make one step forward every day.


There are many tips and ways to increase productivity that can be our guide. However, work productivity has 3 main keys that may not be known to many people. We are busy looking for ways to be productive. We forget to look at the basic principles in work productivity. So, what are the main keys to productivity? What makes us productive continuously every day? Let’s look at the following explanation:


1. Being productive does not mean completing everything.

The first key to productivity is to realize that being productive doesn’t mean getting things done. Being productive means producing the best quality. We might ask, “Do I have to focus on the number of things that I produce or only focus on one job and finish it with very good quality?”. There are many people who almost forget the rule that quality is far more important than quantity.


By doing one thing means we only focus on it and not do anything else. Well, keep in mind also that productivity is completing work that ‘must be done’ not ‘should be done.’ It also has a close relationship with time management . Limited time that we have so that we might not be able to solve all things.


When do we have a high level of productivity in one day? Use this time to focus on a job that ‘must’ be completed, for example we have to complete financial statements consisting of dizzying numbers. Of course this requires full concentration so that we remain thorough and not make mistakes. If we feel that 09.00 is the most productive time for us, then use that time to complete the financial statements. Focus and stay away from any disturbances. Try not to shift focus to other work. Focus on many things, will only make us tired and exhausted so that productivity decreases. Well, prioritize every job you have every day. Work and focus on completing one thing. Being productive does not mean we have to solve everything. Remember, this is about quality and how we can make progress every day.


2. Improve performance by reducing things done.

Concentration is the key to producing the best performance. Well, that’s why, doing one thing at a time can improve our performance. If we only focus on one thing, then we give full concentration to it and avoid ourselves to do things that are not needed.


Every morning, write in the list ‘the most important work.’ Then, write down the specific steps we will take to complete the work. Determine also the time needed to complete it. If you have similar work, we can finish it in one time. Arrange 30, 40 or even 60 minutes for each work to be done. Allow yourself to rest 5-10 minutes each time we successfully complete one task.


Being productive also means that we can manage our energy and time as best we can. When reducing unnecessary things, we save more energy and time. That way, we will still have enough energy to continue the next work. As a result, we are able to produce jobs of the same quality.


3. Be consistent every day.

The third main key to productivity is consistency. If you want to have good performance every day, you have to have the same approach. We need to be consistent every day in completing work. We must stay focused on producing high quality performance. For that, we must not feel bored and tiredin identifying and prioritizing work every day. Try also not to bargain the quality of our work. Have the mindset that we must produce the best performance every day. Therefore, do not be bored to be productive from day to day, yes fellow readers. Prioritize our duties and work. Determine the concrete steps we will take to complete and determine the time needed. Take time to rest before continuing with other work. Repeat this every day and we will be able to produce the best performance every day.



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