There are various ways taken by business people and entrepreneurs to market their products and services. What’s more, the digital age has helped many people to promote their merchandise very easily. For example, marketing strategies carried out through social media. We can use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, even WhatsApp. There are many facilities on social media that we can choose as a connecting bridge between us and customers.


Various advantages are given by social media in the marketing strategy of a product or service. We can promote what we sell for free through our personal account. Not only that, the more followers on social media, the higher the possibility of increasing sales.


In this article, we will focus on discussing the right way for us to carry out marketing strategies through the YouTube application. Curious? Let’s just say, we refer to the following explanation.


1. Identify What Competitors Are Doing on YouTube.

Before we go further, we need to identify the steps and efforts that have been made by our competitors in promoting their products and services. After your fellow readers have identified this, try to design a marketing strategy that is different but still unique and attracts a lot of attention from YouTube users.


For example, fellow readers engaged in fashion. Maybe your competition has already made a video that shows details of clothes and matching clothes with other fashion that looks cool. Now, it’s time for your fellow readers to do something different than that!


2. The YouTube channel must have a clear focus.

Once fellow readers know what competitors are doing with their marketing strategies, we don’t need to rush to make videos and upload them on Youtube. However, we need to think of clear ideas about the focus and purpose of our YouTube channel.


A clear focus will really help us in determining the marketing strategy. As a simple example, we will have a clear picture of what goals we want to achieve from every video launched on a YouTube account? And, what is our ultimate goal of all video promotions on Youtube? Do we just want to increase sales? Or, we want our products and services to be famous in the international market?


In addition, a clear focus can also help us think of strategies to differentiate our products from those of competitors. So, let’s think about what is the focus of our YouTube channel.


3. YouTube Channels Must Target Specific Audiences.

Determining a specific target audience is the foundation of success of our YouTube channel. The problem is, if our target audience is too broad, then our YouTube channel will be difficult to stand out from various other channels. Sadly, our content can be submerged in a mound of other videos, so it can’t get the attention of YouTube followers.


The second and third points are related to one another. In other words, a good YouTube channel will have a clear focus and target audience. Thus, the marketing strategies that they design can also be planned as clearly as possible.


Keep in mind that we are trying to promote our products and services, and increase sales, not just playing around uploading videos on our YouTube channel.


4. Determining Video Genre is also Very Important!

When the focus and target audience of our video content are clearly designed, it is time to determine the genre or type of video that will be uploaded on our YouTube channel. There are various video genres that we can choose in the YouTube application, including the following:

– video game guide.

– Video tutorial (can be for all subjects). For example, if a product that a fellow reader sells is makeup equipment, a fellow reader can make a make up video tutorial.

– Product review videos.

– Videos about life tips (lifehacks).

– Video blogs (Vlogs), and so on.


We advise Career Advice partners to spend time watching popular videos that are popular on YouTube. It aims to get an idea of ​​what video genres might be suitable for fellow readers.


5. Make sure our YouTube Videos Have High Quality.

No matter how good the video content that we make, if our video recordings don’t have good quality, then YouTube users will be lazy to watch it. Why is that? Because competition within YouTube is very tight, so YouTube users will be very selective in choosing the videos they watch.


High-quality video will also help prospective customers to see the products we sell in detail, as well as get detailed information from the services we offer to prospective customers on the YouTube application.


Fellow readers don’t need to pry up their pockets just to make high-quality videos. Just use a smart phone, camera, camera recorder, or high-quality webcam camera (like GoPro). At least fellow readers need to record with 1080p to be able to get quality video. In addition, we can also use some other software to edit videos. Some devices that can be used as follows:

– External microphone.

– Ring Light or ring of light that is round.

– Tripod, and so on.


6. Don’t Forget to Use the Right Keywords.

For our marketing strategy to compete with other competitors in the YouTube application, we must choose the right keywords to be included in the title, description and hashtag (hashtag) in our video. In fact, about 70% of videos on YouTube have been found and received attention from YouTube users because the uploaders are using the right keywords. Thus, it is easy for the audience to track.


The video title will tell visitors what the video content is about. Video titles can be as interesting as possible, but they must remain relevant to the video content provided. Don’t forget to focus on giving important values ​​in our videos very clearly and concisely.


7. Include Several Invitations Sentences in the Video Description.

Principally, the more audiences who watch our videos, the more people respond to our videos, and the more regular subscribers who follow our YouTube channel, the easier it will be for us to implement marketing strategies in the YouTube application.


There are a number of solicitation sentences that we can include in the video description to invite the involvement of the visitors of our video on YouTube, including:

– Please rate this video.

– Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (give the reader the name of a fellow reader).

– Find me on Facebook (give the name of my fellow readers’ Facebook accounts).

– Don’t forget to subscribe to my videos.

– Visit my blog for better videos.

– Please provide your comments.

– Share this video with your special people, and so on.


8. Have a Definite Schedule for Uploading Videos.

With a fixed video upload schedule, we will carry out marketing strategies well and regularly. Don’t upload videos on an irregular schedule or “just as much as I want”. Why? Because our followers on the YouTube channel or new visitors will assume that we are not consistent in promoting products and services in the YouTube application.


9. Don’t Forget to Promote Our New Video.

When we have made a new video and uploaded it on our YouTube channel, don’t forget to promote it on our other social media . For example, include our new video link in InstaStory on Instagram , Facebook, Twitter or even on Whatsapp story. Include a short link and caption to inform your social media followers that there is an interesting new video to watch.


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