“I think you are a selfish person!” Wow, suddenly I was very surprised to hear what was said by the person next to me to his friend on the phone. My mind immediately drifted and thought, how we need to eliminate the selfishness in ourselves so that our interaction with others goes well and smooth. In fact, this is true! We need to respect and be tolerant of everything that other people say and do.


Has your fellow reader also faced the same situation as the person next to me earlier? I hope not. Even if yes, we have a solution that might help your fellow readers to erase your selfishness slowly, but surely. Let’s look at some ways to eliminate the selfishness in the following self.


1. Trying to Listen to Others.

Selfishness stems from an attitude that does not want to hear the opinions of others. We always assume that what we say and all ideas that we convey are true. So, we feel we don’t need opinions or aspirations from other people.


If we really want to ‘chase away’ the selfishness within, begin to listen to what other people have to say. Try listening to understand what they are saying, not listening to simply answer what they say.


2. Lower our arrogant attitude.

There is always a sky above the sky. When we feel the smartest, surely there will be many people who have more intelligence than us. There is no perfect person in this world. From now on, we need to reduce our arrogance which says that we are the most beautiful, the smartest, the most powerful people compared to others. Every person has their own special features and uniqueness. When we feel the most ‘waw’, then selfishness will always be within us.


3. Putting Yourself in the Position of Others.

As social beings who cannot live without the presence of others, we really need to get rid of selfishness from within. There will be times when we must understand how other people feel, how distress others face.


This also applies in the business world. For example, a business will bankrupt over time, if its customer service never wants to understand the complaints and difficulties felt by its customers. Try to put ourselves in other people’s ‘shoes’, so that we can feel what they feel, this is often referred to as feelings of empathy and sympathy .


4. Do charity or join volunteer activities.

Another powerful way to get rid of selfishness is to set aside some of our money for people who are more in need. If your fellow readers like activities outside the home, try joining in volunteer activities to help flood victims or other victims of natural disasters.


See that there are many people who really need our help, not our arrogant and selfish nature. By doing this, we will realize that life will be more meaningful when we can help others.


5. Prioritize the Needs of Others.

Life is not always only about ourselves. Although we can argue that “my life is mine, so I like to want to do everything and prioritize anything”. That is true, but there are times when we also have to yield and put other people’s needs first.


This point really needs to be implemented in each of our interactions with others. Interaction between us and co-workers, even between us and our spouse (husband or wife). Without these points, it will be difficult for us to maintain relationships with others properly.


6. Love the people around us.

Most of those who are selfish are people who feel they don’t get love and affection from others. In fact, there are many people who really love them. They have parents, family, close friends, neighbors and even some secret admirers (wow!).


The problem is, they are not aware of it or they don’t care about the love that other people give. So, they only focus on thinking about their own lives and the bad times with the people around them. Let us take the time to be with them, and feel that they really care and love us.


7. Finding ways to compromise with others.

Do you still remember the first point of this article? We need to be someone who wants to listen to other people. In addition, we also need to find ways to compromise with others, especially when we have to make a plan and solve a problem.


In teamwork, this point is really very necessary. Try to join the discussion group, take a deep breath and be calm when the opinions given by others are not in line with what we think. Remember, that we need to respect the opinions of others and occasionally use the opinions of others so we can innovate.


8. Let Others Do What They Want.

Every human has the same rights as us. The right to life, the right to speak or speak, the right to think, and so on. This shows that everyone has the freedom to do what they want and make decisions according to what they think is best, as well as ourselves.


From now on, we need to stop being ‘bossy’ or like to order and dictate what other people have to do in their lives. Let them express themselves and be happy about it.


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